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Photography Lessons (MM Style) & A Very Special Eyeshadow

Here’s the thing about product photography in a college dorm…it’s not a thing.  Want natural light?  Oh, but of course the blinds decide to spontaneously stop working.  Trying to find somewhere to set up your lightbox?  Oh wait, didn’t have room to bring or store that.

Of course, where there is a problem, there is usually also a solution.  And I found it.  In the common room.  Yes, I have been reduced to lurking outside the common room, waiting for it to be empty.  I’ll let you feast on that mental image for a moment.  The second that final straggler packs up and leaves, I  make my move.  Scurry in, slap a piece of paper to the wall, photograph everything in record time, and hightail it out of there before someone comes in and finds me contorting my body around the sofa to snap a low-angle shot.  It’s giving me anxiety attacks.

So all this, my dear readers, is what I had to go through to bring you these semi-decent pictures.  Pictures, if you haven’t yet guessed, of MAC Satin Taupe.

Yes, I finally did it.  Do I own dupes of this shade?  Honestly, I don’t even want to know the answer to that.  But I’ve been lemming this almost since I started the blog, and I thought it was about time I went ahead and brought it home.  Birthday present to myself, you see!

Taupe eyeshadows, in case you’re not already addicted to them, are pure magic.  They’re the perfect neutrals, a mix of grey and brown, sometimes with some purple or other colors thrown in.  This one’s balanced between warm and cool, leaning brown in some lights and plummy-grey in others.  As for texture and wear time and all that jazz…

Ok, confession time.  I have yet to wear it (laziness) because I have yet to wash my brushes (more laziness), so I turn it over to you.  Do you own Satin Taupe?  How would you wear it?

Also, can we take a moment just to marvel over its splendor?


29 thoughts on “Photography Lessons (MM Style) & A Very Special Eyeshadow

  1. Haha that is a great mental image 😛 Who cares what people think?! I used to take product photos in the privacy of my front yard but now the sun doesn’t hit there any more so I am forced to take my setup to the driveway where I sprawl out on my stomach at times or twist in weird angles and walk around to different areas with my arm outstretched in front of me for swatch photos 😛 I’ve gotten used to the stares haha

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, MM, I love you! 😀

    And I do really appreciate the shots very much because I’m thinking of building a custom neutral palette from MAC and of course Satin Taupe has to be a part of it. Grey and brown and purple – I’m in.

  3. Like Liz, I’m considering building a MAC neutral palette, too. This is pretty, but maybe not quite me 😉 I do love the great mental image, though, of you in the common room…lOL.

  4. HA & LOL! Contorting in the common room! You’d probably be the entertainment of the year if they could see you!

    I actually built a neutral MAC palette this year and I think I’m going to swap one of the shades in there for Satin Taupe — how could I not own that? Unless….I go digging through all those pre-packaged MAC palettes and find it, but then it won’t be part of my neutral set so….yeah, I’ll just pretend I don’t own it!

    PS: Next time, sneak a shot of you sneaking into the common room and trying not to look sneaky!!

    • That’s exactly what it is! Contorting in the common room, love it lol. What’s in your current neutral MAC palette? Anything I need to own? 😛 You gotta get this, it’s the original taupe! Ok, that’s probably not true, but I’ve always thought of it that way.

  5. Hehehe MM 🙂 I think people won’t mind all that much. But the mental image was a hoot.

    My awkward photo moments are when I take guerrilla swatches. Sometimes I approach the SA and tell them, sometimes I just swatch and run. But for better pictures I have to go out of the store, which is usually 5th ave, which is basically one of the busiest streets we have here. So a lot of people do stare when I try to iPhone-snap ten lipstick swatches on my arm. That’s how one gets thicker skin!

    • You know (wise one), you might be right on that one because I just sucked it up and went in today and was generally ignored haha. People are just too busy studying to care 🙂 Ohh yes, those are definitely tricky!

  6. Great mental picture there, really hits home for any beauty blogger really haha. I get these weird looks at HOME from my parents! They’re always like, really? When I’m doing this weird contemporary dance with my camera around a small little eyeshadow or something LOL.

    Your pics still look great, in my opinion, and Satin Taupe :D!! Yesss, MM, yessss!

    • hahaha my parents got used to my blogging shenanigans after awhile, so I completely forgot that it does look slightly weird from a normal person standpoint haha! Yes, interpretive dancing! I feel ya

      Thanks Maggie 🙂

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