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Escape to the Islands with Elizabeth Grant

Which islands?  God, I don’t even know.  But they have coconut trees on them.  Lots and lots of coconut trees, and sparkling bright blue water as far as the eye can see.  Ah, if only I could be there now instead of sitting up in my dorm room (quite comfy, but it’s no island) with delirious sniffles and a steadily growing pile of empty Kit Kat wrappers (gotta do what you gotta do to make yourself feel better).

Thankfully, this trio of bath & body products from Elizabeth Grant does a remarkably good job of taking me away.  One sniff (even with my stuffy nose, mind you), and I’m reminded of creamy coconut milk, the kind I so adore drizzled over sticky rice and eaten with slivers of mango.  Yum.  My favorite of the three is the scrub, which leaves my skin perfectly smooth without being painfully abrasive.

The set also includes a Shower Gel and Body Lotion.  The shower gel cleanses without stripping my skin, and comes with both a screw-on cap and pump.  The Body Lotion comes with the same packaging options, a little touch I really appreciated.  It’s also a no-frills affair, a basic moisturizer that’s light and sinks in quickly.  Both smell just as delicious as the scrub.

The 3 piece kit comes packaged in a cheery green box decked in swirls and tropical flowers.

Ah yes, and below is further proof that I was delirious when editing these photos:

Priced at an affordable $24, this sunny set is the perfect cold weather indulgence.  The products are generously sized and, in my opinion, preferable to similarly priced kits from B&BW (not hating, just stating).  It would also make a rather fabulous stocking stuffer, for those of you overachievers already in the midst of holiday shopping.

What are some of your favorite bathtime indulgences?  Gosh, what I wouldn’t give for a relaxing bubble bath right now…

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were submitted for editorial consideration only.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

12 thoughts on “Escape to the Islands with Elizabeth Grant

  1. This looks amazing!! I love coconut too, and the packaging on this is just so sunny and cheerful! Brightened my day! I love ALL bath indulgences, anything I can get my hands on…which is ironic because I never ever take baths haha

  2. Ughghghghghhhhhhh, I need something like this RIGHT NOW. I am in so much sun withdrawal, the other day I was rambling to someone about running away to Hawaii and I REALLY MEANT IT. (Some day. Meep.) I’m trying to fight the seasonal blues with tropical-inspired things. This sounds perfect!

  3. YUMMY. I’ve been trying to cheer myself up with Pacifica Island Vanilla and Tuscan Blood Orange body butters and The Body Shop Mango body wash, but the unending drizzle outside is making that hard. This sounds delicious, especially the scrub––I have a thing for scrubs.

  4. Hiiiiiii MM!!!!! I’m back to terrorizing your blog posts! Mwahahahahaha. 😀

    I love me some coconut-scented products!! And some aqua-blue-how-is-this-real-water oceans!! In NZ the water was like that, which totally effed with my head as its JUST NOT THAT HOT there – at least not in spring! And there were also palm trees. But then spruce-like trees. What-the-what!? That place was whack. And effing amazing. But I digress.

    These products sound so yummy! I always feel weird about using tropical scented stuff in non-summer months – I know it probably ‘brings you back’ to hot summer days, but I just can’t. Weird personal quirk I guess. Nonetheless, I bet these smell amazing!

    • TOYAAAA missed you!! How was your trip? You must tell me all about it in excruciating detail over imaginary tea in our nonexistent hobbit hole 😀

      No, I totally get it. I used to be like that too but apparently when I’m sick I could care less. JUST GIVE ME THE TROPICAL SCENTED STUFFS AND MAKE ME BETTER.

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