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Ready to Face the World with Dermelect Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment

Is that not the cheesiest title ever?  I must be in a cheesy mood today.  This afternoon, I had a conversation with my friend that included many <3s and lots of :)s.

“You are so cheesy!!!” she cried, if one can cry over text messages, “Who are you!!!!?!?”

Apparently, someone in a happy-mushy mood, the kind usually brought on by denial (essay induced), deliriousness (an unfortunate side effect of being sick), and well-pampered feet.  I’ve spoken about my exciting life, which involves a great deal of scurrying all over campus and tearing up my soles.  So today, I bring you yet another product in my footcare arsenal.  Readers, meet Dermelect Cosmeceutical‘s Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment.  Those names just keep getting longer and longer, don’t they?

The product comes housed in a no-nonsense matte grey tube with a red cap.  Now, I’m not one to get all hung up on packaging…except yes, I totally am.  And it might be very shallow of me to wish that the packaging was a wee bit more runway ready, but heck I run a beauty blog.  I do wish it.

Moving past the plain exterior, what’s inside is decidedly more luxurious.  The lotion itself packs a lot of moisture despite its thin texture, and sinks in quickly.  It leaves my feet feeling supple and smooth, and while it doesn’t fix rough patches instantly, it does greatly improve their appearance.  The scent is a hit of pure peppermint, which my clogged sinuses have been drinking up with delight.  I love how it leaves my feet feeling cool and slightly tingly, and I’ve even used it on my legs a couple of times when they were in need of some relief.

I’m on the fence about this one, mainly due to its hefty price tag of $25.  While it works a charm on my tired, calloused feet, it simply doesn’t feel as luxurious as its price might suggest.  I know this may sound ridiculous (to my beauty addict mind it makes total sense), but for higher-end packaging I might be more willing to recommend it.  If you have feet in need of a little TLC though, this product does deliver its promised results, something that I very much appreciate.

Is packaging ever an overwhelming factor in your decision to purchase makeup, or more specifically, skincare?  Which skincare brand is your favorite in terms of packaging?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.

10 thoughts on “Ready to Face the World with Dermelect Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment

  1. Yeah, the packaging doesn’t look that good and I’d definitely expect better for the price. But it’s good to know the product inside does its job well.

  2. Packaging NEEDS to be decent, so I agree with you here…so blasé. I do not have a favorite brand in terms of packaging for skin care though….usually they tend to not go all out.

  3. Meh, it’s a foot cream, which I don’t expect it to look too fancy shmancy pants really. And honestly, when it’s not covered in unicorns and sparkles then my hubby is more likely to use it, which is ok. But the stuff I DON’T want him touching can be covered in unicorns and sparkles!

  4. I don’t use foot cream (though I probably should, hm), but I TOTALLY agree with you about the packaging. If I’m paying $25 for…well, anything, I want it to look friggin’ incredible. Because I am shallow, and pretty things make me feel pretty. That being said, though, this cream does sound delightful! And I suppose I shouldn’t care so much about the outside wrappings (and I don’t, when the product is cheaper).

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