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Another Chapter in the Lipstick Bandit Adventures | Things Get Vampy

If you’re thinking it’s about time for another installment of the Lipstick Bandit chronicles, you’re right!  It is time.  Last fall, I brought you Laura Mercier’s Courtisane, a shade that reminded me of “ripe apples and golden sunshine.”

Oh gawd, did I just quote myself?  Must be running out of material.

This year, things are taking a turn for the vampy with Milani’s Black Cherry.  In the tube, it’s a purple so dark it could almost pass for black.  Swatched on the arm, it translates as a deliciously juicy shade of blackcurrant:

The intensity of the color means careful application is needed.  No smearing haphazardly with this one unless you want people to think you just drunk-scribbled on your face!

Of course, you could always blot it with a tissue for lips that look like they’ve been stained with a grape popsicle (well, that but more attractive than I’m making it sound right now).

I’ve already reviewed the Milani lipsticks here, so click through for a brief overview of formula and wear time.  Oh, and did I mention this tube of glorious vampiness will only cost you $5 at the drugstore?  Get it.  Get it now.

Take me home with you.  I’m vampeh.

P.S. Check out my fellow Bandits’ looks below!  And don’t blame me for the lemmings:


40 thoughts on “Another Chapter in the Lipstick Bandit Adventures | Things Get Vampy

    • You guys don’t have Milani? 😦 But you have lots of awesome other brands! Wish Sleek was as easily available here as it is for you, ah well grass is always greener on the other side, right? haha

  1. This looks so pretty! It gives that kind of bruised lip look which I find really sexy (don’t judge me, I just do). I’ve been delving into darker lips lately too. 🙂

  2. Goodness this is gorgeous, and it fits right into my budget *running out to buy it now*. Awesome MM and you look amazing in it. Love that artsy pics, you have TO DIE FOR lips. I also love how you can sheer it out too, for the days when we aren’t feeling *quite* so vampy!

  3. Okay, so I just have to say–you know me and my fear of bold, opaque lipsticks. Well, this shade is as bold as they come and I’m ACTUALLY considering getting it. For one thing, I like the idea of just using it as a light stain–it’d be so pretty for fall (not to mention it looks lovely on you!). But also, it’s only $5–so why not?!? Yay for me!! 😛

  4. Ooh, pretty!! These damn LB posts are adding so many things to my wishlist, good Lord. I’ll have to snag this when I’m somewhere that sells Milani (there isn’t anyplace in Eugene, because we are sad).

  5. This is lovely MM! I’m trying to wear vamp-eh lips as much as possible while the season encourages it. Still adoring Faas’ lippie that you encouraged me to buy – I don’t think I’ve gotten more compliments on a lipstick, um, ever! *bows down to the lippie queen* And once again, you’ve picked a shade that’s gorgeous! I like that the blot-down still looks awesome and not like your lipstick just faded off. Good choice, my dear!

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