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You Need This | The Candle that Melted My Heart and Took All My Money

Yes, this is an iPhone product shot.  Shame on me.

So, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  Somewhere between churning out raspberry buttermilk cakes for all my neighbors and cramming clothes into my bag for an out-of-town jaunt, I completely forgot to grab my computer.  Although this may seem like appalling behavior for a beauty blogger, it was actually great to be away from the internet for a few days and enjoy the smaller things in life.  Just kidding, that’s a blatant lie.  At my lowest point, I found myself staring glumly at the squirrels outside my window, wondering if they could be coerced to fetch my laptop for me if I fed them nuts.  I think I may have gone a little bit insane there.

Point is, I’ve been reunited with the internet, and my first order of business is to share my newest obsession.  It’s a candle, in case the shoddy picture up top didn’t give that away, the French Baguette candle from Bath & Body Works to be exact.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I realized I needed to write an entire post in order to properly express my feelings.

Where do I start?  Let’s start with Liz, who is single-handedly responsible for this candle lemming.  Liz, let me just tell you that I passed over this candle the first time I saw it.  But after reading your glowing recommendation, I had to give it a second chance, and now I’m considering backups for my backup (hence the taking all my money bit).

I have a love-hate relationship with gourmand candles.  I love them in theory, but when I sniff them in store, I usually end up tottering out the door with a migraine.  Not the case with this one.  It smells like bread.  Fragrant, ever-so-slightly sweet bread resting next to a pat of salty, creamy butter.  When I sniff the unlit wax, I can almost hear the crunch of the golden crust and the give of the fluffy insides.  Light it up, and suddenly it’s transformed into a baguette slathered with melting butter, so rich that it overwhelms me whenever I take a deep breath.  The throw is perfect as well, strong enough to fill up an entire room (and then some), but not so strong that I’m ever in danger of a headache.

Now, I understand the very legitimate concern that this candle could lead to all sorts of snacking urges.  Would it come as a surprise if I told you it’s never made me open my snack drawer?  (Yes, I have a snack drawer.  I’m in college).  It’s like walking into a boulangerie on a cold day, when hunger is never the first thought to enter my mind.  Instead, I’m filled with a sense of pleasure, the best kind, the kind that makes you feel warm and nourished without taking a single bite of food.  And before I get completely carried away, I think now would be a good time to end my musings on bread, candles, and the magic that happens when you combine the two.

Get yours from B&BW at $20 for the 3 wick (the largest and therefore most sensible size).  Look out for their frequent 2 for $20 candle sales, and please read up on proper candle burning and extinguishing technique if you want yours to have a long and happy life.  I feel as strongly about candle care as I do about sunscreen, and we all know how long I can harp on about spf, yes?

Now that I’ve finished prattling, do share your favorite gourmand candles, frequently eaten bakery treats, and weekend anecdotes.  I’m sitting here with a tub of homemade honey sea salt peanut butter and unpacking my things.  Time to face the week.  And finals…

27 thoughts on “You Need This | The Candle that Melted My Heart and Took All My Money

  1. That is a beautiful shot, iphone or no iphone. Its not the camera, its the person behind it that makes the shot 🙂 I came over because I saw candle and I LOVE CANDLES! OMG! 😛 I’m currently burning Dirt Candles (not available here anymore) and Voluspa both in a vanilla scent that is gourmand yet doesn’t give me a headache. Lovely! I wish we had more access to good and affordable scented candles. People here aren’t into burning them it seems, well except for light when here’s a blackout 😛

    • Aw, thank you Paris! You’re too sweet 🙂 CANDLES! I KNOW! WORST OBSESSION EVER, IT NEVER ENDS. Oh, Voluspa candles are really gorgeous, I’ll bet that vanilla scent is one of the few I’d enjoy. It’s so sad, they’re all missing out! Candles are good for so much more than light 😮

  2. I’m with Paris–I actually rather like the iphone shot. The table and pillow/sofa in the background give it a homey feel! For serious! 😛

    And you and Liz have convinced me–I am GETTING this candle!! I’ve NEVER purchased a candle before in my life (any ones I DO own were gifted). Candle? What for when I could be using the money to buy a new blush or eyeshadow!! But I LUUURVE french baguettes (with lots and lots of cheese and paté, please!! :D) and I am sensing that I will LUUURVE this candle, too!

    • Thanks Becca 😀 And here I was thinking I was just being lazy LOL. Also, yes! I am SO excited for you, and I hope you love this as much as I do. Mmmm cheese and paté, ok now I’m getting hungry…

  3. Okay, it seems everyone has been raving about this candle, and I think you’re the last straw. I have to get it now. Never been much of a candle person, but this might make me turn into one. Maybe.

    I’m sure you had a nice couple of days away from the computer/internet! 😉 I remember going away on a weekend getaway at a lake and there was no cell phone reception or internet. I kind of panicked at first but got used to it and relaxed after a while. But then I went home to millions of notifications LOL.

    • For good reason too! I think you need this 😀 hahah I am just far too addicted to my computer. Had a whole plan to blog there, and it kind of went down the drain…

      Yes the coming home part is just like oh dear…when did this happen??

  4. I’ve never really been into candles, but you make me wish this was available here. It sounds amazing.

    And I love the iphone shot too, very nice!

  5. Damn Liz. I have one too, and I agree with your wonderfully apt description – it’s like a bakery. But not overwhelming. Delicious, warm, and so comforting. I kind of want another one but I’m desperately trying to hold out. X_X

  6. I absolutely LOVE candles that smell like food. I vastly prefer them over any other type. I’ll take a pumpkin pie or apple cinnamon candle over some floral thing any day. So, I’m SUPER intrigued by this French Baguette business. I’m totally checking it out the next time I’m at the mall.

  7. First of all, good luck with finals!! Secondly, I had a dream last night after reading this post that I went out and bought this candle. And loved it…so guess who is going to the mall today for Baguette candles? This girl 🙂

  8. Great job on the photo… iPhones are amazing for that. And a candle that smells like freshly baked bread?? Sounds so bizarre but I love the smell of bread! Like how I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee… I have to go have a sniff of this when I’m near a B&BW again… btw, I couldn’t live without my lappie either, esp in the country where there is nothing to do.

    • This iPhone’s olddd and needs to go to sleep. Had to force feed it through Photoshop! I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee with nothing added, now if someone could make that candle happen….

      Do give this a sniff, hope you like it! And glad someone understands hahah

  9. WELCOME TO MY WORLD, MM. Isn’t it nice??? Just like a hobbit hidey hole. All we need are the cheese, wine and warm slippers by a real fire.

    I have four more of these to burn through. I might pick up four more when I’m done. This is how we’ll get through winter!

  10. I’m fairly certain that anyone associated with Liz in any way has now bought this candle – I am also guilty of trying it out too! BUT! I think I am the one exception to say, I’m just sorta ‘meh’ over it (shhhhh….don’t tell Liz! ~runs sneakily away~). I certainly don’t mind it – who doesn’t like fresh bread/popcorn? – but it doesn’t bring me the warm and fuzzies. I prefer the wintergreen candle or whatever it’s called that smells like pine tree. I LOVE gourmand scents but I need them to be more of the cupcake variety I think. Or pine tree. Not the same at all but I just can’t get enough of it LOL

    • Liz the enabler!! Scent’s subjective that way, hahahha cupcake or pine tree. I actually can’t take cupcake gourmand scents because most of the time they tend to be too sweet for me. As for pine tree scents, love em. But I can’t burn them every day or my room starts smelling like car freshener LOL

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