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Victoria’s Secret Shea Collection | A Cure for Pre-Final Blues


Remember all that stuff I said about taking a break from the blog until finals were over?  Well, finals are far from over, but I happened to drop by my blog today (just to say hello), and this is what awaited me:


3 years?!  When did this even happen?

I’m sure you can see my predicament.  I can’t just ignore my blog on its 3 year anniversary.  Isn’t that like ignoring your 3 year old toddler’s birthday?  Granted, if we’re going with this analogy, it also means I forgot my hypothetical 3 year old’s birthday, but let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s talk about this new-ish line of Limited Edition body care from Victoria’s Secret, which has been out since September (do not give me the judgmental stare) and is apt to disappear eventually.  The key ingredient of the line is, as its name would suggest, shea butter.  Now, shea butter is incredibly moisturizing, but it’s not particularly high on any of the ingredient lists (although it’s also not at the bottom).  While these products don’t bring on the hydration like good ol’ Aveeno, I find them to be decently moisturizing for daytime, and a nice scented treat when layered over another lotion post-shower.


My favorite product from the range is the Body Crème in Rich Indulgence.  I have a thing or two to say about the scent name (it’s neither rich nor indulgent), but I do love the fragrance itself.  According to the press release, it features notes of Cashmere Woods & Lily, but to my nose it smells of white florals and a hint of apple.  Also, I doubt I’d know the smell of Cashmere Woods even if you held whatever that is under my nose.  What exactly do Cashmere Woods smell of?

As for the formula, it’s thick, buttery, and sinks in fairly quickly.  I know some people shy away from lotions in tins because they worry about the hygienic aspect, but I adore the little crimped edges on the lids…and the packaging in general.  And lest you think I’m privileging cute packaging over my general well-being, let me assure you I always wash my hands before applying lotion, plus this thing isn’t going to be around for long at the rate I’m using it up.


A couple other picks from the line: first, this lotion in Luxurious Kiss.  Similar to the body cream, this doesn’t pack quite enough moisture for my dry skin, so I use it more as a layering scent.  It smells non-cloyingly of strawberries and watermelon candy, and for some reason I always get a ton of compliments when I’m wearing this.  While I’m a Diptyque Philosykos/Elie Saab Le Parfum girl at heart, I tend to go with more wearable scents when I’m running to class, and this fits the bill perfectly.vs-moisture-luxe-hand-cream

And lastly, their massive hand creams.  Didn’t I tell you guys this was going to become a thing?  The formula is a bit runnier than what I normally prefer; think Crabree & Evelyn instead of L’occitane, but I can’t get over the novelty of having a giant hand cream sticking out of my beauty bag.  I’m easy to amuse.


Everything in the line retails at $14 (except for the baby $5 hand cream, but who wants that when you can have the XXXXXXL one), but they’re currently running a 5/$30 or 3/$25 deal, which makes these well worth it.  There’s also a Body Mist which I did try, but I prefer Victoria’s Secrets higher-priced scents to their body-care fragrance mists.  Try these if you’re looking for some cheap & cheerful body care to get you through those weeks of finals.  Or work.  Or life in general.

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


25 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Shea Collection | A Cure for Pre-Final Blues

  1. I actually really like a lot of Victoria’s Secret’s scents–I haven’t tried too many of the sweet, floral ones but they do REALLY good clean, powdery ones. I remember this tube of body cream I had of theirs called Angel or Heavenly or something like that but it was the most wonderful powdery scent I had ever smelled! i miss that one…

    • Agreed! I like their clean scents because they never go too ‘laundry detergent.’ LOL sounds about right, most of their scents seem to be called Angel Heavenly something or other. Aww that’s too bad. Maybe you can find its close cousin in some of their new stuff 😛

  2. Does anyone remember the VS collection that came out with pastel bottles and tins, etc.? Honey suckle and white patchouli had to be one of my all time VS faves, but like any good collection they had to go and discontinue it.

    • I love honeysuckle, and that sounds like a delicious scent. I felt similarly crushed when B&BW got rid of Wild Honeysuckle the ONE GOOD THING they had going for them in that range of body sprays.

    • I actually quite like their ‘higher end’ fragrances, I get a lot of compliments on them and they’re great for daytime classes when I want to wear something that’ll suit all noses. You should give it a try, I’m really loving this tin 🙂

  3. I always mean to try VS body range and your post reminds me why I should get my booty there soon… I love anything with shea esp for cold weather.

    I know what you mean about tinned body butter/lotion – they LOOK so enticing in that format but the hygiene aspect is questionable…however, I always use sich products after a bath and would have clean fingers to dip, plus I use it everyday so I tend to rip through them in a month.

  4. VS is finally here and I went into the store but nothing caught my eye… must be the sheer amount of stuff on display!! And congrats on your third blogiversary babe!!!

  5. I tried to brave VS to sample some stuff you reviewed but the store itself is such a turnoff that I never made it to the actual products. (The location I go to is dimmed with neon pink flashing lights and tacky boudoir settings… x__x) I love shea stuff so I will try again!

  6. You know how I feel about VS cosmetics – just can’t go near ’em after the too-highly-scented-conditioner-incident – but shea butter is a good time. Possible gift idea?

    I’m looking forward to getting an anniversary update on MY blog, because I have absolutely NO idea when I registered and therefore I never hold anniversary events. It’s probably too late to do so anyway, but still. I gotta know this shiz!

    • mmm I understand. Yup, I think so! I like giving things in tins, they’re just so cute. hahahah I feel ya, if it weren’t for the WordPress update, I would have no idea. Hence the lack of anniversary events around here, more like OH HEY DERE IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY WHAT DO YOU KNOW

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