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I Finally Saw The Hobbit, and This Is How It Went Down

The best trailer ever made.

As longtime readers, or anyone who found this blog through my Arkenstone EOTD, will know, I love Tolkien’s universe.  It killed me deep inside that I had finals during the midnight premiere, but in the interest of not failing school (one of my life goals), I stayed in and studied.  Of course, the second I got home, I ran out to see it.  Here are my thoughts.

*Note: This is not by any means a review, unless your definition of review is I’M SO HAPPY *THUD*

I’ve been waiting for this movie for such a long time that I honestly think I would have been happy with anything.  Do I think it’s as good as its predecessors?  Well, I hesitate to compare them at all, but the short answer is no.  The Hobbit is much lighter in tone than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I was glad to see PJ acknowledged this in the movie, while refraining from taking it too far.  That said, I still loved every moment of the movie, and when the screen went dark at the end of Part I, I couldn’t hold back my whisper-shout of sadness.  You expect me to wait two more years for the end of this trilogy?!

But all I wanted from this film was a return to Middle Earth, to the universe PJ brought to life so well in the previous films, and in that I believe he delivered.  Any world which includes the marvel known as ‘second breakfast’ will never fail to enchant me.  Will I be buying The Hobbit when it comes out on dvd?  Of course!  My LOTR collection would feel lonely without it.

I miss you already…

So, let’s discuss!  Have you seen The Hobbit?  Thoughts?  No spoilers, please, because as shocking as this is to me, there are people who have not seen this movie yet…

P.S. Comments like “I wish I could look as cool as Thranduil while riding a giant moose elk” or “What exactly do they put in pipe-weed?” are most definitely not spoilers.

24 thoughts on “I Finally Saw The Hobbit, and This Is How It Went Down

  1. SHMEXXXXXXY DWARVES. GQ DWARVES. And Thranduil and his giant Irish elk with their matching Elf Steel looks! And I thought Martin Freeman was absolutely PERFECT as Bilbo. He was amazing. I dare say he’s the best Hobbit yet. And the whole scene in the cave with Gollum with the riddles? I was so giddy sitting there watching it! It was pretty much EXACTLY how I imagined it in my mind! Sigh. I wanna see it again too!

    • PFFFTHAHAHAHHA GQ DWARVES! Imagine if we had seen this movie together…can you even picture the awesomeness? Omg, yes! How did I forget to mention that? They made the right decision casting him as Bilbo, he was PERFECT for the part. Ahhh gahhh Desolation of Smaug, why must we wait so long why???

  2. I saw it and I loved every single moment of it! I think Martin Freeman brought the right sort of wry humour to the role and I’m wondering if its my imagination that the Hobbits and dwarves look a little taller this time around? I loved the sweeping vistas I’d come to expect from PJ, the unexpected humour, the ethereal feel surrounding the elves, the action… everything. I want to see it again, just to catch the bits I didn’t notice the first time around. But that might prove expensive because you know, you just can’t stop at 2… 😉

    • I agree, his humor was just al;dskfjasldf *no words* I love him, I love him so much. Ok, I thought that too!! hahah glad it wasn’t just me. Ah, how much was the ticket? I actually saw it twice (which I usually don’t do, but yaknow…Hobbit and all), but it was $6 each time so I didn’t feel too badly about that.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet but I can’t waaaait! My friends and I are holding a LOTR marathon some time this week (since it’s winter break FINALLY) before we see it though. 😀

  4. Oh god, Thranduil. *fans self* I do have some problems with the film, but in general I enjoyed it. THE DWARVES DID LOOK TALLER, WTF. Especially Thorin! Hahahahaha. He’s supposed to be a dwarf, damnit. Where is his bulbous nose???

    • hahahah I know! Now we can all see where Legolas got his looks! I didn’t think the film was perfect by any means, but I ignored most of the problems I had with the movie because I was just so happy to finally be able to see it. I mean, the production rumors have been going on FOREVER, and it got shut down a couple times…those were dark years my friend. Also, yeah, if I ran into him on the road I would not think he was a dwarf hahahah his horse and Gandalf’s horse were like the same size!

  5. It was wonderful!! Midnight premiere of course, so sad that you couldn’t do it cuz of finals, but I totally understand, school comes first! Loved it, blew away my expectations and I am going to see it again!!!

  6. I started to read everyone’s comments but honestly I’m so desperate to see this (I haven’t yet…waiting for me geek friend after the holidays!), I can’t because it makes me go insane with envy! I DID however google Lee Pace who plays Thranduil to see what all that was about – holy shit dude (sorry for the potty mouth but seriously!), he is smoking hot, and I remember him from the last Twilight (yep – all over it, I confess) and I kinda dug him then, so I’m SO looking forward to ogling him in about a week. HOT DAMN I gotta see this movie stat!! And then I will come back and write a proper response to this post, which will likely just be: “I AM SO HAPPY” as well 🙂 Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Well, if this is your pre-movie response I can’t wait to see what you have to say after you actually see the thing hahahha. And OMG I KNOW LEE PACE! He only shows up for like 5 seconds but he’s also riding this very regal haughty-looking elk with these amazinggg eyes. Seeing that was like the highlight of my entire break. Ok I’m done. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are heading out to see The Hobbit soon!!!

  7. I agree with your view. I absolutely adored the LOTR trilogy, and I also hesitate to say which I preferred more – the Hobbit or LOTR? Tonally, it’s different, and I completely enjoyed the movie. I don’t know how to put into words why I prefer LOTR over the Hobbit – although perhaps it is far too early to comment, since the trilogy isn’t finished yet XD Haha. But then again, the reason for enjoying both or one over the other isn’t black and white. Gahh, I don’t know. I think I shouldn’t compare them too much. I mean, comparisons are inevitable, but I think I should just sit back and enjoy it. Because I absolutely did. What I loved (and you said it well), was that I could be back in Middle Earth again. There was more Middle Earth to explore, more characters, more story, more growth, more soundtrack, more nostalgia, etc. Just more amazing stuff that didn’t feel contrived (unlike a lot of “epic” feeling movies these days).

    I wasn’t actually going to watch this movie (or the second one, for that matter). Ha. I was actually going to wait until all the three movies came out, then go and watch a marathon XD Lol. I was just going to survive off the extended movies and special features of LOTR. But I’m glad I did, even though now I’m just going to have to squirm and wait for the next two movies.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Ria! You said it well, I also love Middle Earth because it doesn’t feel contrived to me, although ok if I’m beeing 100% honest, the scene with the Great Goblin felt a little more contrived than what I’m used to seeing from PJ. But all in all, it was great, and you bring up a good point that we’ve only seen the first installment so far. Oh god, I don’t think I could stand waiting two years to go see all three of them! I can barely stand waiting a year for the second one to come out oof

  8. FIST PUMP FOR SECOND BREAKFAST!! 😛 hahaha I am obsessed with breakfast foods and I SO am with you in calling the notion of “second breakfast” a true marvel! Any mention of second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, etc. in the book was absolutely enchanting, indeed!! 😀

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