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Eyeshadow, It’s Been Too Long | A Satin Taupe EOTD & Tutorial


Every once in awhile, I remember that I am, in fact, a beauty blogger.  And as a beauty blogger, I should…oh, I don’t know, actually use my makeup?

My laziness this past semester has gotten to the point where I rarely wear more than one shade on my lids.  Why?  Because you can totally apply a lid wash with your fingers and not have to touch any of your brushes ever.  I washed mine for the first time since summer yesterday.  Gross, I know.  Sometimes even I’m amazed at the depths I’ll sink to to avoid the task of cleaning those things.

You know what else is amazing?  I bought Satin Taupe almost two months ago, and today was the first time I used it.  I don’t even know what’s happening to me.  Feel free to stare!  But onto the tutorial:


1. Prime lids (Urban Decay Primer Potion*) and apply a mid-tone taupe as a lid wash (MAC Satin Taupe)
2. Pat a lighter taupe (NYX Eucalyptus) on the middle of the lid
3. Apply a red-toned brown (Shu Uemura ME Medium Brown 885) on the outer corner and blend just into the crease


4. Line upper lashline with a cool-toned liquid liner (Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Revolver*), winging it out at the corner
5. Line the lower lashline halfway with a pencil liner in the same shade (Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Granite)
6. Finish it off with one coat of your favorite mascara (Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara)

Et voila!


So tell me, how did I do?  Actually, don’t tell me.  I’ll just keep living in my delusional little world for now.

What’s your favorite taupe?  What are you wearing on your eyes today?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted for editorial consideration only.  For more information, please see my disclaimer.


16 thoughts on “Eyeshadow, It’s Been Too Long | A Satin Taupe EOTD & Tutorial

  1. Oooh pretty look, MM!! Love that wash of taupe and the perfect little flick at the outer corner. I just received my Becca Beach Tint in Romanticism today so I am currently testing the wear on that as we speak. It’s sooo pretty!!! 😀

    • Thanks Becca! LOL only took me SINCE FOREVER to learn how to do the flick, but I’ve finally got it down. That does sound pretty. Will I be seeing this on your blog soon? Should I go hide my wallet from myself now?

  2. I actually have gone the other way, lately – I never use a single wash over the lid, but I’ve been doing it lately out of laziness and curiosity. Works for some shadows, not for others, haha!

    • Definitely not a technique that works for all shadows, but ahhh it’s just so easy hahaha. I just feel like I’m neglecting 90% of my stash right now, so I’m trying to play with eyeshadow a bit more…we’ll see how long it lasts.

  3. Very pretty MM! Looks stunning on you. I am wearing nothing but Milani black liner on my lids today, as I was very lazy–grad school sucked the life out of me and I am still recovering ha

  4. I also hate washing my brushes, and usually do it in stages, a few each night for a few nights every month. Blah.

    I like this look a lot! I am not a taupe-fiend as they’re just not the same on brown skin, but I love them on others! I own maybe two taupes, max. I’m more a bronze fiend though I don’t own a lot of those either, mainly because I always think – how many do you need? But then again I am far too practical when it comes to makeup and take the fun out of it all. LAMER!

    • See, I should probably do it your way (a few each night), but I just wait until everything has piled up and I get tired of using my fingers LOL I’m terrible. Two taupes, say what?! What are some of your favorite bronze shadows? I have one from Ellis Faas that I love (which, come to think of it, is pretty much how I feel about all things from Ellis Faas), and I imagine it would look fantastic on you. Have you tried E303 before?

  5. Oh MM, at least you wore at least ONE eyeshadow. I wore eyeshadow all but once this past semester. It was a taupe too though LOL! There’s not a day that goes by without mascara though. Always have mascara on *flutters non-existent lashes*

    • mmhmmm, actually there are plenty of days that go by with 0 makeup hahaha, but mascara makes such a huge difference. Which one’s your favorite? I’m hooked on Annabelle Le Big Show right now, so I’m desperately trying to find a new HG that I can get in the US grrrr

  6. I’ve been avoiding the hunt for the perfect taupe as they all seem either too warm or too cool for my liking. But I feel like I’ve failed as a beauty blogger for not owning MAC Satin Taupe. :<

    I've also been really lately and either going without shadows or doing the solo shadow swipe as well. But the thing is I'm dying to get into brighter shades and just haven't had the time. I hope you got a lot of rest this holiday season, MM! Thanks for the tutorial – looks great!

    • It’s true, I rarely come across a neutral taupe, which is so counterintuitive but now that you bring it up…

      hahah I bought it for those reasons exactly. Probably not the best rationale, but I’m happy to own it. Hope you have some time to play with nice bright eye makeup soon! Oh believe me, I am! Been sleeping until noon every day hahaha, it’s a marvelous feeling.

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