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Guerlain 2, Place Vendôme | Review Part II & Swatches


  • See Part I of my review here.

Enough with the suspense, I’m actually going to talk about the eyeshadows inside the Guerlain 2, Place Vendôme palette ($85) today (although now would probably be a good time to mention there is still at least one installment after today’s review).

Each of the Écrin 6 Couleurs palettes comes with 5 shadows and a coordinating liner shade on the side, which can be used both wet and dry.  The four pans surrounding the pop of color in the middle are described as ‘contouring shades.’


I’ve swatched all the colors below, first dry, and then over primer.  Before I get into the review, I have to add a major disclaimer about the formula, which is worth mentioning for those of you who might swatch this at the counter and be disappointed.  The texture is very different from what I feel is currently ‘popular.’  I know a lot of people who like their eyeshadows to be smooth as butter, and these lack that type of soft texture, which tends to swatch beautifully on the hand.  However, they apply like a (well-behaved) dream on the eye, which I’ll show you in my next post.  Oh, would you look at that…MOAR SUSPENSE.

They also have a beautiful luminosity, which I know doesn’t seem quite as exciting as full-on shimmer, but lends a great deal of dimension to eye looks.  I tried to capture the aforementioned luminosity in the picture below.  I’d call this one a 35% successful effort:


Ok, here we go!  Dry swatches:


  • 1 is a pale off-white with subtle sheen.  It makes a nice browbone or inner corner highlight, although I’ve also used it all over the lid with the tone-on-tone application technique (next time, pinky promise).
  • 2 is a medium beige with a gorgeous, luminous finish.  I’ve found it to be the perfect blending shade, as it melts into my skin and doesn’t add additional color to eye looks.
  • 3, which my camera blatantly refused to capture, is a shimmery antique gold with a taupe base.  You really need to see this one in person, although you could also take a look at Temptalia’s swatch here.  It can pull warm or cool depending on which other colors I pair it with, although I’ve found it to be much cooler than similar antique gold shadows.


  • is a dark slate grey, with the barest hint of blue.  I haven’t had a chance to play with this one yet, but I’m willing to bet it works well with the others.
  • is a satin, dark royal blue, which applies like a navy blue when dry.  It appears more vibrant over primer, and I’m sure could be built up over a white or black base if more intensity is desired.
  • 6, the liner shade, is a charcoal navy blue.  It has sparse blue shimmers when applied over primer.


Swatches over primer (UDPP).  Notice that the blue looks significantly more vibrant when worn this way:




Overall, this is a wonderfully coordinated palette from Guerlain.  There’s a nice variation in shade choices, and yet they all balance each other perfectly.  The colors lean cool, but I’d desribe them as neutral rather than cool-toned.  Because of this, I imagine they would work on any number of skintones.

guerlain-review-part-ii-product-026 guerlain-review-part-ii-product-031

Until my next post!  Which, in case you were wondering, features 5 different looks I’ve created using 2, Place Vendôme.  Get excited.

Have you tried Guerlain eyeshadows before?  What’s your favorite cool-neutral toned palette?

27 thoughts on “Guerlain 2, Place Vendôme | Review Part II & Swatches

    • hahahah no idea why, but the first thing I thought of when reading your comment was Gollum in LOTR going “SOOOO bright, SOOOO beautiful.” Who knows where my brain goes sometimes? Anyways, I agree with you. The shimmer is a lot quieter than anything I’ve ever seen, but it makes the shades seem so much more sophisticated and special.

  1. I am BEYOND excited for your looks! These colors look so beautiful together. I haven’t tried their shadows, but maybe I owe myself after this semester! Lovely MM!

    • Ok wait but before you get beyond excited, don’t get too excited (LOL I’m terrible at this). I’m definitely not the best eyeshadow applier around! That said, I’m really pleased with the variety of looks I was able to create, and yes I agree that you do owe yourself after this semester *nudge nudge subtle enabling*

  2. You’re killing me here! First I was fixated on the blue only, but now I’m in love with every single shade. Good point about the shadow texture. I don’t necessarily think that soft and buttery = good because sometimes I find that shadows from brands like theBalm are almost too soft. That EOTD better be going up this week, missy. *shakes fist… errr… lovingly*

    • yayy! hahahha is that an appropriate response to ‘you’re killing me here?’ I like buttery shadows just as much as the next person (case in point = L’oreal Infallibles), but just because these are different doesn’t make them any less luxe. You just need to be learn how to work with them first. And LOL didn’t know it was possible to shake your fist lovingly. I promise to try, but since there are 5 different looks to edit and write about….we shall see.

    • Coming soon, I’m still working on the fifth and final look at the moment 🙂 Me neither hahahah my heart broke a little bit when I brushed over the Guerlain logo on the blue shadow.

  3. You are such a teaseee. Stoooop!
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more “luminous” eyeshadows versus full on shimmers in the months to come. I can’t be the only one sick of shimmers o__o

    • *sheepish grin* I’m not sick of shimmers yet, but I just have to be in a certain mood for them (i.e. about to go out and partayy LOL). For daytime, I much prefer these types of finishes.

  4. Oh, geez, I love them over primer! That blue! The neutrals! The subdued shimmer! I cannot wait to see what looks you did with it! I’m sure they’ll inspire me to even more exclamation points!

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