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I Feel That Lipstick Bandit Love


I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but until yesterday, I was under the impression that Valentine’s Day was…well, today.  You see, when I got my super secret Bandit assignment that said something along the lines of ‘V-Day Bandit look…[various encoded messages]…February 4,” my mind just took the 1 off 14 and decided that Valentine’s Day had moved up by 10 days this year.  Luckily, I have friends who know me well enough to teach me things about life and the calendar.  And now that I’ve lowered myself in everyone’s esteem, let’s move on to  my pick for the Lipstick Bandit Valentine’s post!

Although I try to tell myself my lipstick/gloss/stain/balm collection is complete, sometimes a new product will come along and convince me otherwise.  After picking up this L’oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Pink Rebellion last week, I knew right away that I had to buy it in every shade it was perfect for a V-Day lip feature.


The color is borderline-neon pink in the tube, milky pink when first applied to the lips, and then eventually turns into a cross between medium pink and berry red on me.  It’s like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, but a million times more satisfying.


I’m also convinced it makes my mouth look better than any other lip product I’ve ever used.  The finish, shade, and texture of the product combine to make the most gloriously juicy stain, even in horrid yellow bathroom lighting (see below):


I plan on doing a more comprehensive review of the formula, so for now I’ll just say that it has impressive staying power that allows me to top off with balm as I go about my day and not worry about reapplying.  Case in point: it stayed on my lips after a late night quesadilla from a restaurant which will not be named (and let me tell you, that quesadilla was essentially a puddle of salty grease wrapped in a tortilla and I have major regrets about eating it, but I didn’t want to offend the nice people who bought it for me.  It’s a miracle that there was still color left on my lips after I was through), which means you can feel free to kiss whomever you like come Valentine’s Day.  If it stayed through the quesadilla of death, it will stay through kissing.


And on that romantic note, don’t forget to check out my fellow Bandits’ picks below!

And new to the Lipstick Bandits this time around:


49 thoughts on “I Feel That Lipstick Bandit Love

  1. I love the wet shine stains! They last for ages and the finish is great idd :). It’s amazing how it looks on your lips, I like the brightness of it 🙂

  2. That is so pretty! I have these gloss/stains in red and fuchsia, and the staying power really is impressive.

    I really enjoy the lipstick bandits posts, because it means I find even more lovely blogs. What a great idea!

    • I’m wearing the fuchsia one right now, and it’s gorgeous! Red, you say? Oh dear…now I want that one too haha. I’ve discovered so many great blogs and bloggers through the Bandits too 🙂

  3. Oh so pretty, MM! And your navy floral top is awesome to boot 🙂 I was thinking of picking up one of these, I think your post made them so much more enticing!

    • LOL glad you enjoyed that. But seriously, don’t eat it. You’d be better off just eating salt, it tastes about the same.

      Thanks! And yes, you definitely need to try this even though I know pink’s not your favorite thing in the world. I think it would look very pretty on you Trakee 😀

  4. Eww quesadilla of death. Gross! But this is not gross at all…one of the prettiest colors I have seen recently and it does make your lips look awesome…super model pout status!

  5. I swatched a couple of these in store and they scared me, truth be told. The color DOES last – ages! Like two days on my hands, even through washings! DA-MN… Anyway, this color makes me think I need to go back and look again, because OMFG that lower portion of your face (LOL)….it looks awfully beautiful, MM! One day I’m gonna take a pic of your one eye shot, flip it to make two, and then stick it on here to get the full picture. And then I’ll have to hurt you for being so pretty 😉

    • Or maybe one day I’ll just post a full face shot and save you the trouble HAHAHAH. And then you won’t hurt me! Deal?

      No, they’re not scary at all, I promise! I wore Infinite Fuchsia today which is much more intense, but it applies so evenly that it’s still very easy to wear.

  6. Beautiful! I have YET to purchase one of these … I know, for shame! You’re completely correct: this makes your lips look just perfect. I think I need!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Ah, the Shine Caresses! Great pick, lovely 😉 I feel like greasy food is the best test for lip products — if they can make it through dinner, they can make it through anything!

  8. Ugh, I need one of these shine stain thingies soon. You’re so pretty, MM. But so darn mysterious, hahahahahaha 😉

    When I used to read this one particular writer’s recap of Gossip Girl (there is a correlating point to this – and don’t judge :p), he would always describe Serena’s lack of awareness as “HOW DO YOU BE PLACES???” Totally reminds me of your time problem. WHEN DO YOU BE PLACES, MM??? 😀 😀 😀

    • Yes, yes you do! Embrace the colors!! More like shy hahaha 😛

      Oh god yes, that was a total Serena moment but with time, I GET YOU. And no judging whatsoever, that show used to be my guilty pleasure before it started going way downhill into crazytown.

  9. Hahaha your opening paragraph made me laugh so hard! 😀 I love how this one looks on you but I am not much of a fan of these, sadly 😦 I have one and its just recently entered out markets but I can’t quite get over the scent and texture. Ah well, next! 😀

  10. Hurray, I’m glad you liked the formula! And I loved your description of the shade changingness of it––butterflies ain’t got nothin’ on Shine Caresse Stains 🙂 I really need to pick one up in a lighter color…but that will have to wait until the end of the no buy! Pink Rebellion is definitely on the shortlist now, ha!

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