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Beauty News | Super Luxe Face Oils, Brand New Eyeshadows, and More

Happy Monday, you guys!  How was your weekend?  Are any of you recovering from post-Chinese New Year food comas?

As I’m still in the process of testing out various things (keep your eyes peeled for some pretties from Illamasqua and Urban Decay this week), I thought I’d offer a glimpse of what’s been sitting in my inbox lately.  Because it was the first day of the new year when I undertook this endeavor, I decided to try something totally crazy.  Product spread time!


Laugh behind your computer screens if you must.

Clearly, it’s my first time doing this.  And may I also add that I was watching a video of fainting goats while attempting to assemble this in Photoshop?  (Thanks for putting those on my radar, Liz-Buddha).  So please, try to be gentle.

Ellis Faas Mascara | $34 from and Sephora

Regular readers will know that Ellis Faas is one of my favorite brands (I mean, it’s up there in my banner = true love), which is why I’m excited to report that throughout the month of February, they’ll be selling their mascaras at all Sephora locations in the US.  And as a special online promotion, they’re offering hassle-free returns if you purchase a tube via but don’t like it.  I haven’t tried their mascara yet, but there’s one sitting on my desk right now, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s as good as the rest of their line.

L.A Christine No3 Berry Face Oil | $58 from

I’ve been hooked on multipurpose oils ever since I started using Lierac Sensorielle (the contents of that bottle are getting dangerously low).  I know the idea of putting oil anywhere near your face sounds like a bad one, but in my experience, face oils do amazing things for your skin whether it’s prone to dry patches or oiliness (or if you’re really lucky like me, both).  This new one from LA Christine caught my attention because it contains a mix of berries, while most oils I’ve encountered use flower or nut oils.  Plus, how fun is the phrase ‘Scandinavian Lingonberry?’  No?  Just me?

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles | $18 each from and Sephora (inside JCP)

Although my heart currently belongs to Guerlain, I find myself reaching for my Urban Decay palettes and singles whenever I’m in the mood for makeup that’s a little more fun.  The brand has just launched 7 singles, 4 previously exclusive to palettes and 3 brand new shades.  I’ve currently got my eye on Uncut, a “smoky purple with reddish shimmer.”  Also pictured above is Snare, “a smoky olive green shimmer.”  Actually, you know what?  I want ’em all both.

What’s on your beauty radar this week?

Images courtesy of Ellis Faas, L.A. Christine, and Urban Decay.


19 thoughts on “Beauty News | Super Luxe Face Oils, Brand New Eyeshadows, and More

  1. Snare is definitely on my radar! I’m also eyeing some of the new Sephora singles. There is one called Snakeskin Dress that has SUNNY written all over it! Also, I can’t wait to check out Dior’s new eyeshadows/liner/mascara!

  2. Hahahaha, which goat vids were you watching? There’s this semi-horrible one where a guy decides to scare one on purpose and it’s absolutely hilarious but so damn mean at the same time.

    Face oils! Gah, I want every single one that has ever been made. Patiently waiting for that review. 🙂

    • omg I saw that one, didn’t know whether to laugh or frown angrily. The one I was referring to while typing this was a news story, I think. People talking about fainting goats, frolicking fainting goats, fainting goats fainting en masse, etc.

  3. You did a great job with this, MM! It looks a heckuva lot better than my first photoshop collage-y type pic 😛 haha

    That oil sounds divine–most oils are too rich for my acne-prone skin but I don’t believe I’ve tried a berry oil blend yet. Might have to check this out! 🙂

  4. Your collage looks very pretty and professional looking 🙂 What’s on my radar…Lorac Pro Palette has been getting alot of my attention. May just nab it while I’m in NYC next week.

  5. I concur, face oils are all sorts of AWESOMETACULAR. My Tarte one still rocks my socks but I want more! I’d like to find one that I could wear in the day and not worry it’d be too heavy. The Tarte one is good but does take a little while to absorb. Hmm ~pondering~

    • AWESOMETACULAR = my new word of the week, thanks Toya! Same here, I can only wear face oils at night for the most part. During the day, I mix a little bit in with my moisturizer (except I have’t even been doing that lately because I found the most amazing-sorry, AWESOMETACULAR-moisturizer and I haven’t been using anything else. Sacrilege! I know)

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