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Pink + Gold = Weekend Magic


It’s been a bit of a long week over at Maison (maison/half a dorm room) MM, and thus I have unfairly deprived you of posts chock-full of various pretty things.  I couldn’t, however, officially start my weekend until I published a preview of some upcoming posts.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I started my weekend yesterday.

Above is a recent makeup look I put together with some of the eyeshadows from Urban Decay’s Glinda Palette.  I just finished the review and tutorial, both of which I’ll be sharing with you soon.  The colors layer beautifully, which I think you can see if you stare really hard at my eye up there (no, this isn’t one of those times where I suggest you open your eyes as wide as they’ll go and start imagining things.  You can actually pick up on the nuances in color if you look closely).  I’m wearing a combination of Aura (red side), Magic, Tornado, and Oz (gold side):


What are you wearing on your eyes today?  Any fun weekend plans?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, feel free to reference my disclaimer.

12 thoughts on “Pink + Gold = Weekend Magic

  1. This is so, so pretty! You’ve further convinced me I really need (bahaha, “need”) a reddish burgundy. Looking forward to the review and tutorial!

  2. Love this!! This is my favorite palette of the two! And you did such a stunning look. My weekend was very chill, saw a movie with a friend. Hope you had a good one MM!

    • Aw, thanks Margo! I think they did such a great job with these colors, can’t wait to post swatches and all that other good stuff tomorrow. Ohh, which movie? And I definitely did, so happy it’s a long weekend too.

  3. HURRAY for 3-day weekends!! 😀 After feeling a bit half-asleep all of last week, I am finally feeling a bit more energized and like myself. I plan on spending my day off tomorrow working hard on the blog! 😀

    Ooooh, and LOVE that EOTD, MM! I still can’t decide which palette I want–Theodora or Glinda…both are gorgeous, I think I just need to go swatch in person

    • They’re the best! Ah, if only every weekend were a three day weekend…

      So have you decided to submit your blog to the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards?? I think you should! And thank you 🙂 Swatches of Glinda are up now, maybe that will help you make up your mind. Or maybe it’ll just make it even harder LOL

  4. I’m not really feeling the OZ palettes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good makeup look! I like the pinky gold tone a lot MM! I’ve been thinking about getting MAC’s Expensive Pink lately. And while we’re on the pinky-gold subject, I’d like Hourglass’ gloss in Fortune, and Le Metier de Beaute’s blush in Echo. Yep. That’d just about do it.

    • Expensive Pink is gorgeous, I’ve swatched that many-a-time at the MAC counter. I have a Majolica Majorca shadow that’s very similar though, so I’ve held off on purchasing that. LOL ahh makeup lemmings, they never end.

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