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I Get Philosophical About Mascara | An Ellis Faas Review


The best thing about a brand that does uniform packaging?  You can take one good picture, and be done FOREVER.

Ok, maybe not philosophical.  But I’m going to talk a lot.  Isn’t this the way things usually go on my blog?

Lately, due to my inability to understand that an alarm clock means wake up now, I’ve been surviving on a morning diet of partial granola bars as I run to class.  Why partial, you might ask?  Because I, as a certified clumsy person, was not designed to run and eat at the same time, and sometimes pieces of that granola bar get unintentionally sacrificed in the race across campus.  I’m working on it.

But back to my original point, I’ve been oversleeping.  Which means I’ve been getting about 1-2 minutes to do my makeup, tops (I mean, if I want to do my makeup.  Sometimes I’d rather just have the extra 120 seconds of sleep, honestly).  While high school was an excellent training program for hair finger-combing/toast-eating in the car, college has been a delightful exercise in perfecting the 2 minute makeup routine of winged liner and fluttery lashes.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s review.  See?  I always get there eventually.


2 minute makeup: winged liner, curled lashes, mascara

I’ve been test driving Ellis Faas’ Mascara in Black for the past couple of weeks.  It also comes in a milk chocolate-toned Brown, and although I’m aware it’s not likely to happen, I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll eventually introduce a blue version.  The quality of the formula is on par with the rest of their products, which I’ve been obsessed with since I tried that first tube of Creamy Lips three years ago (has it really been that long?).  It’s on the wet side, holds a decent curl, is lengthening, a little volumizing and easily buildable.  No smudging or flaking to speak of either, although do keep in mind it’s not meant to be waterproof.  Best of all, my lashes stay soft and flexible no matter no many coats I pile on.

Oh, but the packaging.  Why must you always toy with my head like this, Ellis Faas?  I’m happy to put up with the extra maneuvering the long wand requires (I tried to phrase that in the least awkward way possible, believe it or not.  Thank god I never had to review a vibrating mascara), but something about the opening just causes massive overflow each time I cap the product.  On one particularly rushed morning, I ended up decorating my duvet with a particularly expressive series of mascara swipes trying to clean up the excess.  Not good.

To sum up, lovely formula but rather frustrating packaging, however sleek and shiny it may be.  It’s one of the better mascaras I’ve tried this year, but I can’t exactly say this is ‘must-have’ at the hefty price tag of $34.  If you’re an Ellis fan, chances are you’ll like this, but otherwise I’d go take a look in store (and soon) before you buy.

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.

24 thoughts on “I Get Philosophical About Mascara | An Ellis Faas Review

    • Oh it’s definitely me too, so I guess we can be certified clumsy buddies LOL.

      How so? Do you mean getting the products mixed up? I store mine upside down, so I can tell them apart pretty easily by the labels on the end.

  1. I love your description of running across campus and half eaten granola bars. My car is littered with 3rds of chewy bars. Ugh. Grad school. Anyhoo…this looks lovely on your eyes, and your wing liner is flawless! I am not sold yet so I will be checking this out in store, because I need to see if it will hold in my hand right. I am a weirdo lol

    • hahahah that’s the college life for you. Didn’t know it continued into grad school though! Aw, thanks Margo. Finally, after three years of practicing I know how to do winged liner LOL. No, I totally get it. That’s what I was thinking when I said check it out in store, great minds!

  2. HELLO. 🙂 I am requesting a hair product post, dedicated to me. That is your homework for this week. I suppose.
    Also, I am super picky about my mascara because that’s basically the only makeup i used, if i ever did. Can’t wait for more reviews!

  3. You totally cracked me up several times here, MM! I have been VERY intrigued by Ellis Faas, but the packaging keeps putting me off. I’d be so heartbroken to get something that’s sooooo nice with an awkward applicator that’s probably going to break on me. What a pity!

    • Glad to hear you enjoy my ramblings 😛 I wouldn’t worry about sturdiness so much, since I’ve never had any of these break on me. But the product overflow does get a tad annoying after awhile, especially with mascara because I can’t store the excess anywhere.

  4. Whenever you talk about your college experience, I get a little jealous. While I went to college years back, it wasn’t a university, so I never got to experience the hopping out of bed and running around campus.

    But hey… I don’t even use an alarm clock. So there. 😉

    On topic, your lashes look awesome! And your description of the wand and so on…hilarious.

    • My dad’s the same. He commuted to college, so he didn’t really get the ‘experience,’ he now has more school spirit than me LOL. Oh man, do you have one of those internal alarms? I mean, I have one too, but it’s set to somewhere around 1:30 pm…

      Thanks, Trisha!

  5. Ooh not good to hear about the mess. I love the packaging visually but I can understand what you mean in terms of functionality. Your lashes look quite good though.. I have to say I’m quite intrigued by Eliss Faas approach to makeup. I’ll skip the mascara,… Fellow clutz here 🙂

    • I agree, I really love the whole Ellis Faas aesthetic, but I think some functionality got sacrificed to the appearance here, which is a big problem for me. Thank you! And honestly, some of their makeup is so good that it’s worth the hassle. Their Creamy Eyes and Lights shadows are amazing.

  6. Your lashes look lovely. But it’s too bad the packaging is so unpractical. For the price, I’d expect something easier to use that didn’t make me waste any amount of product at all.

    • Thanks, Gio! Since mascara expires so quickly, I doubt I’ll finish this before I have to throw it out. So waste isn’t a big issue, but I’m not a fan of having to clean the tube so often.

  7. Oh Ellis Faas. Why do you torture MM so?? Since I’ve only got my one Creamy Lip to measure against, I can’t say much but I did struggle with it, so I’m sure I get your drift. It looks good though! That’s gotta count for something 🙂

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