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Beauty News | VS Fabulous

It’s shaping up to be a very, very busy week here at MM central (lest you think MM central is a fancy place of work, allow me to crush that fantasy by telling you that it’s essentially half a dorm room, my laptop, and an always-full mug of caffeine), so I’ve had to put several reviews on the back burner for now.  While I would love to tell you about this gorgeous eggshell nail polish I’m newly obsessed with (it’s pink!  I hate pink polish, so this is huge) and the skincare product which has made pretty much everything else in my stash obsolete, I have to prioritize.  There are few instances in my life where lipstick comes last, but with all the midterms to study for, proposals to write, and job assignments to cover, the time and energy I normally reserve for blogging has gone straight to praying for my survival.

Fortunately, I’m not totally unprepared for situations like this.  While I’m not enough of an über-blogger to have a week’s worth backup reviews and tutorials on hold, I do have some tidbits to share, thanks to my recent obsession with creating product spreads (ah, the times in life when playing with makeup pays off).  The newest fragrance on my radar is Victoria’s Secret Fabulous, which like almost all things the company does, is pink and pretty and sounds fabulously wearable.  Described as a “freshly vibrant” scent, it’s “anchored by the sparkling trio of Juicy Currant, Osmanthus Blossom and Pink Freesia.” Fabulous sounds exactly like what I need right now.

I don’t mention VS fragrances on the blog nearly as much as Ellis Faas eyeshadows or Liz Earle skincare, but they’re my go-to for everyday scents.  I find they strike a nice balance between fruity and floral without ever veering into cheap body spray territory, and people always tell me I smell nice whenever I’m wearing them.  If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard me crying cyber-tears over my almost finished sample of Bombshell in Love, which was LE for Valentine’s 2012.  I’m hoping Fabulous will replace it as my new everyday fragrance.  Maybe this time I’ll have the foresight to snag a full bottle.

And yes, there are 19th century Russian peasants in the background of my twitpic.  See?  School is always on my mind.

Images and press information courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.


12 thoughts on “Beauty News | VS Fabulous

  1. Oooh sounds nice! I keep telling myself I will go to VS and check out their scents because you always make them sound so fab and the last one I tried, Angelic or something like that, many many years ago was really nice but for some reason I haven’t tried any since then!

  2. I was wondering what the background was in your tweet.. I thought they were horses at first ಠ_ಠ But I totally know how you feel. I fell in love with a sample of an Escada perfume only to find out it was an LE.. from two years ago! And of course Ebay listings were/are a complete and total rip off!

  3. Love the bottle. I do agree that VS makes solid wearable every-day perfumes that are not overwhelming to the senses. I love Sexy Little Things Noir and their Coconut Vanilla body spray which literally smells like what it says.

  4. Aw, poor peasants. Hope you’re well, MM! I totally get where you’re at right now. Getting my butt kicked every month this year has been no fun, but I hope to find more blogging time soon. Now hurry up and review all that nice stuff, LOL. 😉

    • Poor peasants indeed. The busiest part of my week is over (I think), and I’m SO EXCITED to sleep tonight, I can’t even tell you. Hope this month eases up on you soon! And I shall try to get on top of that hahaha.

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