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Here’s Why I Started Painting My Nails Again: Illamasqua’s Spring Nail Varnishes


When I first came to college, I thought I’d be saying goodbye to manicures for awhile.  I didn’t want to bother my suitemates with the scent (my dad absolutely hated it, so I used to do my nails standing outside on the front porch trying to look inconspicuous).  This was before I realized that freshman dorms usually smell so bad that no one even cares if you add the toxic scent of your nail polish to the mix.  But by the time I’d reached that epiphany, I’d already gotten too lazy to give myself manicures regularly.  And this is why college-me went around with naked nails for the majority of first semester.  And second semester.

But then Illamasqua’s spring collection made its way into my mailbox, and I got so excited that I actually took the time to do this:


I build makeup nests in my spare time.  Is this why no one wants to be my friend?  

And then I sat down and painted my nails with Scarce.  For those of you who haven’t seen or heard about these new polishes, they were made to emulate speckled eggshells.  I know right?!  It’s so brilliant I don’t even know what to say.  Although most bloggers have been describing this shade as pink with black glitter, I swear it looks more like navy blue to me.  There’s a mix of medium and smell hex glitter in here, as well as the much smaller ‘regular’ glitter particles.  The pink base is just translucent enough for the glitter to peek through each layer, but not so sheer as to be invisible.  It’s springtime perfection in a bottle, but in the most unexpected way possible, which is what Illamasqua does best.  While I know these closeup shots may not look convincingly egg-like, from far away my nails really do have the effect of those candy-coated chocolate eggs.



rawrrr it’s coming to get you (I like to infuse my nail swatches with personality)


As for the formula, no complaints there.  It applies like a dream, and the glitter is densely packed enough that I don’t have to dot it on with the brush.  One coat results in that adorably squishy jelly finish, while multiple coats look something like this.

At $16 per bottle, these are well worth the money to have the coolest nails in town.  Scarce gets a definite recommendation from me.

What are you wearing on your nails this spring?  Have you tried Illamasqua’s Speckled Nail Varnishes yet?  Do you like my makeup nest?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration and review.  For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.


31 thoughts on “Here’s Why I Started Painting My Nails Again: Illamasqua’s Spring Nail Varnishes

  1. These really remind me of bird eggs (though I really wouldn’t know what bird haha. Goes to show what a darn city girl I am)! I keep looking at the blue one, but I usually stay from big glitter pieces because the removal process is so painful! I’m a bit torn for the moment!

    The nest is so cute! The only ones who are not pleased when I paint my nails are the cats. They would literally wince and jump away. The boyfriend is a chemist. He’s so used to all kinds of toxic smells by now that he wouldn’t ever complain 😉

    • Me neither hahahaha. Actually, when pressed, I’d have to go with Cadbury’s candy bird eggs LOL. Not exactly a nature expert over here. I’ve had no problem with removing these, but I’ve been using this new method which has really helped cut down on nail scrubbing (oof, just typing it hurts).

  2. I love you makeup nest! So adorable. I haven’t tried these but they are on my birthday list! I am so glad you painted your nails, you have such a nice nail shape. I would DIE if I didn’t paint my nails. I must put that in requirements for a future roomate or spouse–must be able to handle nail polish smell every other day. Yep. That is all I need. Low maintenance right?

    This color is seriously so pretty and squishy and also reminds me of the robin’s egg candies. My Easter fave!!

  3. Ahaha the makeup nest is brilliant! The polish looks so peaceful in it!
    This is further assurance that I *need* speckle polishes in my life.

  4. I love your make up nests! I was skeptical about the nail polishes, but the more bloggers I see wearing it the more I want to try it :). It just snowed here so I am not really feeling the spring mood yet, but it can’t come soon enough!

  5. Haha I love your nests MM! If I were about 10 years younger and I happened to be going to your school…we’d totally be friends. Uh, except we are now and neither of those situations are happening. AHHH you know what I mean! 🙂

    I actually don’t really like the look of these – cool they most certainly are, but up my alley they are not. HOWEVER…somehow Scarce on you looks much nicer than any other swatches I’ve seen, so good work!

    • Ah, if only that were the case. We could have LOTR marathons! Really? Well I’m definitely wearing less coats of it than most bloggers seem to be (ehem that’s my laziness), but thank you!

  6. I think this shade is the one I like best from the collection. It’s so pretty and delicate! And I like how it looks at one coat, surprisingly (I’m usually an opaque polish kind of girl, and it might drive me batty on my own nails, but it looks awesome on you!).

    • I’m still stuck on that blue LOL but you know this one’s gotta be good if it’s pink and I like it. Yes, somehow don’t mind the VNL at all with this shade, I think it adds to the effect!

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