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Of Course I’m Judging Urban Decay’s New Singles by Their Covers!

Which are ugh, so pretty.  I never had an issue with their old packaging, but just look at this:


So clean, so shiny, so good.  You can also pop out the pans if you prefer to store your shadows in Urban Decay’s palettes.


Sorry, what were we talking about again?  Oh, right.  Eyeshadow.  So remember how I mentioned last month that Urban Decay was releasing 7 new eyeshadow singles?  What’s that you say?  No, because I talk too much?  Ok, that’s fair.

Back in February, Urban Decay launched 7 beautiful shades, some of them originally LE or exclusive to palettes and some of them brand new.  I was lucky enough to be sent two of them to test out (*PR Sample.  Sorry if it seems like I’m hitting you over the head here, but this happened, which you should read if you’re running a US-based blog).  Below we have Uncut, a “smoky purple with reddish shimmer” and Snare, a “smoky olive green shimmer.”


Snare is a curious shade in that application can change the color greatly.  When layers are patted on and concentrated, it turns into a smoky sage green, whereas blending (or a lighter application) results in a warmer looking shade.  The texture of this one is great, buttery-smooth but not too soft.  It applies evenly and pigmentation is easily buildable.  Uncut, on the other hand, has a much drier, harder finish.  The pigmentation is still great and I didn’t have any issues with patchiness, but it’s a different formula than what I’m used to from the brand.  The color itself features a lovey matte eggplant base shot through with reddish-purple shimmer particles.


swatched dry on bare skin

Below, I’m wearing a very light wash of Snare on the lid, as well as a more concentrated application on the lower lashline.  See what I mean about its shade-shifting abilities?  I really like how this one looks built-up, and find that it contains much more grey than similar greens in my stash.


Since Uncut isn’t exactly a lid wash-friendly shade, I tried layering it over the taupe-y antique gold from my Guerlain Place Vendome palette.  The result is one of my favorite eye makeup looks of the month.  The shades complement each other so well, and seem to bring out each other’s nuances, non?



These singles retail at $18 each from Urban Decay and the Sephora inside JCP (I do hope they’re planning to sell them in more retail locations soon, but we’ll have to wait and see).


I haven’t seen the rest of the shades in person, but these two in particular are fantastic.  The colors are unique, the formula is easy to work with, and I’m sure you’ve all noticed how much I’m enjoying the updated packaging.  Try them if you’re shopping around for a new eyeshadow.

What have you been wearing on your eyes lately?  Which of these two shades do you prefer?  Do you ever judge makeup based on its packaging?  I clearly do!

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided free of charge for editorial consideration and review.  All opinions are my own.  For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.


26 thoughts on “Of Course I’m Judging Urban Decay’s New Singles by Their Covers!

    • You need to! They apply so well (with brushes but also with fingers, which is great for me). Plus some of the shades are always good to have, do you own Sin? It’s my go-to lid wash shade.

  1. Mmm loving the shades and the new packaging. It so happens I stumbled on a single somewhere in my house (Don’t ask, I think its my beauty pixies at work again) and now I’m wondering if its the new pretty packaging or the old plasticky one… oh and what shade it is LOL!

    • Aw, those beauty pixies! I’m convinced they live in my house too. And in my dorm room. hahaha you should do some investigating, Paris! I’m curious to hear the outcome of this mystery.

  2. I have Rockstar in the new packaging, and I do like how clean it looks despite the fact that it is a little chunky! Snare is very high up on my wish list now. I can’t resist a good green!

    • It’s definitely not as sleek as some high-end brands, but I think it photographs quite beautifully (I mean, if I were to put in the effort to photograph it properly LOL). Yes, you must get it! It’s gorgeous, and more importantly, quite unique.

  3. I get so overwhelmed by individual eye shadows that I haven’t really taken a good look at UD’s range. These look nice though! I’ll have to check them out once I swatch all my shadows and figure out what gaps need to be filled. “Need” – lol.

    • LOL really? I find that most people are the other way around (get overwhelmed by palettes). It’s so funny, ‘need’ is already a relative term, but ‘need’ as used by beauty addicts is just on a whole other level…of hilarious. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore, shall I go watch that video of lemurs you sent me again?

  4. The packaging is flawless, I have to agree! I particularly love Snare and I am sure it is very versitile, it looks like it would work with a wide range of colors. I need some of these singles now!

    • Hey Margo! I just realized today that you have two different blogs (you do, right? Not just me being crazy?). Snare is really versatile, I love that it works equally well with warm and cool colors. Yes, you do!

  5. I definitely judge according to packaging! I far prefer this to the old look, which was tougher and may have suited me when I was a youngin’ but not so much now. I think I’m on eyeshadow overload and hardly anything catches my eye lately! I went from a shadow whore to blush and now onto lipsticks. Though I’m even nearing the saturation point for all makeup right now – probably in part due to my low fundage. It’ll come back though…it always does :oP

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