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Reader Request | My Haircare (Non)Routine


I know myself well. It’s been exactly one month, and I completely forgot about this until today.

Last month, I got a request for a hair product post. Those of you who’ve been visiting Maison MM for some time now are probably shaking your heads in confusion right now. But Morsels, you might ask, since when do you exert any type of effort on your hair?

Since never. In fact, here’s how much time and energy I put into my hair on a typical day:


Through some combination of dumb luck and good genes, I’ve managed to skate by for years without touching my hair, while still maintaining the illusion that I own a brush and some conditioner.


It’s been about a year since I last got a trim.

But in the spirit of trying to sound like I know what I’m doing, here’s the über-long list of things I use to keep my hair fabulous and swishable (I like to toss my hair about. I will sometimes get on a treadmill just so I can practice whacking imaginary people in the face with my ponytail):

1. Water, air, and cheap shampoo.

I’m using this drugstore 2in1 at the moment, only because it’s dimethicone and sulfate free. Unfortunately, it also dries out my hair, and tangles it up. My solution to this problem is to wash my hair every other day and make up for it with copious amounts of dry shampoo, which you’re supposed to be doing anyway. Super hardcore beauty bloggers scale back to once a week.

As far as heat tools go, my philosophy is that the less damage I do to my hair, the more it will love me. While this pseudo-philosophy never really stops me from curling my hair when I feel like it, I try to take showers early in the evening so my hair has time to dry naturally. Plus, my current blow-dryer is old and inefficient. And really heavy.

2. Hair salons. Once a year.

Please don’t revoke my beauty addict license for this, but I get my hair cut once a year out of sheer laziness. Learn from my mistakes and trim your hair once every couple of months to prevent those nasty split ends. I don’t do it, but you should.

3. My fingers.

I haven’t seen my brush or comb for a few years now, but that’s ok. I’ve mastered the art of finger combing, which is free and requires no extra equipment. Bonus points for being able to do it while you drive to work or run to class.

4. Assorted miracle workers/products.

Ok, now I’m getting to the part you actually want to hear about. In order to maintain my non-routine, I have a whole host of hair treatments lined up on my desk that I will grab and apply at random throughout the day. Right now, I’m loving Rodin by Recine Olio Lusso, Yuko Repair Through (reviewed here), and Phyto 7. I received Olio Lusso in the mail just this week from the nice people at Rodin, and what with my obsession for oils paired with my love of all things French, I knew I was bound to love it. I take 3 drops, and work it through damp or dry hair with my fingers. And yes, 3 drops is more than enough to leave your hair with a glowy sheen. As for Phyto 7, I received that in a gift basket one Christmas (addressed to someone named Heather, but the PR people assured me I could keep it don’t worry), and it’s genius. It’s the one product I’ve found that’s most like a moisturizer for your hair. There’s no silicone-y slip, which you see in most leave-in conditioners, nor is it particularly thick and creamy. It manages  however, to nourish my hair without weighing it down. This is my go-to treatment whenever my ends are feeling a little dry.


I think I may need a haircut.

So, SmellingInk, I hope that answers your questions and I look forward to our traditional breakfast of crepes and deep thoughts tomorrow.

What does your haircare routine look like? Do you occasionally toss your hair about for fun? What are some of your favorite hair products?

Full Disclosure: Some of the products featured in this post were provided free of charge for editorial consideration and review, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

25 thoughts on “Reader Request | My Haircare (Non)Routine

  1. your hair is pretty! lol. i’m super lazy with hair too. some days people are like “oh your hair looks nice, what did you do” and usually the answer is either “i actually brushed my hair” or “i managed to properly shampoo my hair” LOLOL

  2. WOW MM, you have seriously gorgeous hair. It just flips naturally like that?? WTF?!! 😛 I’m the same way with my hair (no brushing, styling, etc. just wash and fingercomb once dry) and my hair does NOT look like that! *sigh* some people have all the luck!! 😛

    • The longer it gets, the more well behaved it is. That’s why I hated having short hair as a kid, made it so hard to control haha, ah the days of the mushroom bowl cut -__- Yay, lazy hair buddies unite!

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! I’m very lazy with my hair too. I only wash it and condition it twice a week (and use dry shampoo when needed) and cut it once a year as well. I know trimming is important but since I never get split ends, I don’t feel the need to go to the salon more often. 🙂

    • Thanks Gio! I used to be able to stretch it out to washing twice a week, but every other day just works better for me. And same here! I’ve never found any split ends in my hair, so I figure I’m fine for now.

  4. Wow, your hair is naturally just gorgeous. Lucky you!

    I have very dry and frizzy hair that toes the wavy/curly line. I wash it and condition it on average twice a week and use argan oil on it, then just sort of…let it be. I have styling products that I use if I am going to straighten it or if it’s being particularly unruly, but generally it benefits from being left alone. Since my former pixie cut has grown out enough to tie it up/braid it/do other fun things with it, I don’t need to get it cut as often and it’s been about 8 months. It has a lot of bounce and movement to it, especially when I leave it curly. It’s fun having long hair!

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s definitely gotten better over the years, I remember having a lot of bad hair days in middle school and high school. Your hair sounds gorgeous! Sometimes I wish mine would have a bit more of a wave/movement to it, but I am grateful that I can pretty much leave it alone. And agreed! You can do so many cool things with long hair 🙂 And it’s easier to ‘style.’ In that you don’t have to at all hahaha.

  5. Wow….okay, I am jealous…your hair is so beautiful * le sigh* oh wells. But I am so glad we got to see all of it. It is such a pretty color and so swishy!!!! Love it MM, you are truly blessed from the Hair Gods.

    My routine used to be literally almost the same as yours…wash…blow dry for like .23 seconds and go. hair cut one…maybe every 1.5 years. ah.

    but now that I just got it choppy chopped and dyed, I only wash it once every three days to preserve the red, lots of dry shampoo, and this really cool overnight treatment by L’Oreal as well as tons of Bumble and Bumble products.

    • Aw, thanks Margo! And ohh cute, I love red hair, I think it looks so cool. Seems way too high-maintenance for me though LOL I am quite the lazy beauty girl at times. And which Bumble & Bumble products do you like the most? Everyone always says such good things about them.

  6. LMFAO!!!!!!!!! “MEH!” Me, too, MM. Me, too.

    I don’t own a hair brush either and I also get trims/cuts about once a year. You have great hair though that is even more low maintenance than mine! I need to put products in it at least to keep it from looking like something the cat coughed up. You are so lucky!

    • I mean seriously, I just can’t deal with it LOL. Oh, I definitely put product in it too, especially because I haven’t found a good dimethicone-free conditioner yet. So I use the stuff listed under 4 to keep it looking smooth and shiny 😉 Thank god for products that promote low-effort haircare.

  7. You’re adorable, MM. 😉

    I try to put the least amount of effort into my hair as possible while still having it look halfway decent. Unfortunately, since my hair is curly, that requires a bit more effort that you use. Tangle City over here if I’m not careful.

    Though, I bit you in laziness when it comes to the salon. I haven’t been to a hair professional in about 15 years. I cut my own hair, and well…I can’t remember the last time I gave the main part of my hair a trim. Though I did trim my bangs a few days ago. So, that’s something!

  8. It’s scary to say that your hair nonroutine is basically MY nonroutine. Like, almost exactly. I haven’t touched my brush in years and I can’t be bothered for trims. I use whatever cheap shampoo my mom buys and I always air dry my hair! The parallels are frightening.

  9. Your hair care regimen sounds a lot like mine (though your hair is much nicer). I AM hardcore and shampoo once a week (hair is too dry to do much more), never heat style except the one time of year I straighten it, usually use my fingers to comb, and the last time I got my hair cut was probably three years ago. IN MY DEFENSE I cut it myself now as all my HD did was cut it dry and I figure I can recreate. So far so good though I could probably use a shaping of sorts.

    I’m using the Alterna Kendi Bamboo Smooth oil or whatever now and I like it quite a bit. I am even lazier with my hair now that ever since NZ so I hardly bother with much else!


        And damn, you go Toya. I wish I could scale back that much but I just can’t do it hahaha. And oh wow, three years? I don’t even cut it myself anymore though, since I left my hair shears at home. Ooops. Hmm I’ve heard good things about that oil. Is it your favorite hair oil? Because I’m completely hooked on my little vial of Rodin by Recine right now and shoot this is gonna be an expensive habit.

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