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Beauty News | Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes

ellis faas new creamy eyes

I must be some kind of April Fool’s magnet, since people love to to hone in on me the second March ends. I think it’s my total inability to remember holidays. I also assume that because I’m way too lazy to think up fancy April 1st shenanigans, everyone else will be too. Life tip #1: MM logic always fails.

Since I’m not  going to be messing with your minds today, why don’t we talk about that gorgeous visual up there? It’s the promo image for Ellis Faas’ Creamy Eyes, which now comes in 21 shades. The 7 newly launched ones are Deep Purple (E123), Teal (E124), Khaki Green (E125), Warm Brown (E126), Ginger Freckle (E127), Old Pink (E128), and Peachy Skin (E129). For those of you who just crash-landed on this blog and have never heard me rave about these eyeshadows before, do take a moment to check out my reviews of some of their previously launched shades here, here, and here.

And because I’m cruelly depriving you of April 1st-related trauma, here are some of my favorites from around the web:

  • My personal favorite, Gmail Blue. How anyone kept a straight face in this video is beyond me.
  • Google Nose. Umm, anyone else wish this would actually happen?
  • YouTube shuts down for a decade
  • Ryan Gosling has a new perfume, and it’s called Hey Girl. God, I love Karen. Check out that stellar Photoshop job, will you?
  • And finally, some picture frame nails. Totally going to rock this the next time I go out.

Will you be trying one of the new Creamy Eyes shades? How many times have you been pranked (or played a prank) so far today?

Image courtesy of Ellis Faas.


6 thoughts on “Beauty News | Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes

  1. I HATE april fool’s day, mostly because I fall for absolutley everything, especially that American Eagle skinny skinny jeans thing. Ugh, I was grossed out by that. Anyway, those picture nails are a riot, and that perfume…need ;). I am excited about these creamy eyes, granted they are real haha *crosses fingers* you can never be too careful today

  2. I still haven’t plucked up enough courage to try Ellis Faas because of the packaging issue that I hear about all the time! I know the formula is fantastic, but PLEASE put all that nice stuff in a pot or something. I’d be SO angry if the pens leak on me!

    And yes I got confused more than once yesterday. A former colleague from back home tried to fool me on FB that Taiwan now has daylight saving time (I was thinking I must be REALLY out-of-touch with my peeps back home because nobody had told me about it), Zoya put out this “grassy nails” set and I was like “whoa this is textured nail going pretty far!” Just stuff like that… I’m pretty gullible by nature, but yesterday I knew I had to be hyper alert :p

    • Yes, it kind of sucks and I’m getting tired of bringing it up every review, but gosh…dare I say that the formula is so good that I’m willing to put up with the product overflow? HAHAHAH oh gosh, that’s the worst. I’m the same, so yesterday I was pretty much like NO. APRIL FOOL’S. STAHP.

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