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Art History Inspired | The Pont Neuf EOTD

All week, I’ve been asking myself, “Is it Friday yet?” Well, it’s Friday. Thank god.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed to be at a college I love, surrounded by amazing friends and endless opportunities. But after a loooong week, I must confess I am too drained to play with makeup. I haven’t even opened the gorgeous blue liners currently sitting on my desk. They’re probably crying inside their untouched boxes right now, wondering why I don’t love them.


While I peruse your blogs from the comfort of my bed (I refuse to let go of my pillow ever again), I thought I’d share this EOTD with you. In my deluded little mind, I think of Art History as a vital part of any curriculum. I will happily absorb any AHIS-related knowledge from the Paleolithic to the Postmodern, but today I’m paying homage to Impressionism. Funnily enough, a lot of my fellow AHIS aficionados don’t share my love for this particular period (I get how the Impressionists were revolutionary in dissolving form to depict a moment and that’s cool, said a friend, but why do they always have to pick the most boring moment possible?), which is fair enough. But I’m going to say this now: bash this painting on my blog, and I’m sending the wigeon after you.

Lépine’s painting of the Pont Neuf in Paris by  is one of my favorites. I haven’t been able to dig up much on the artist or the painting, and what I’ve come across on JSTOR says more about what scholars don’t know about him than anything else. But I love The Pont Neuf, Paris more for the mood it conjures, for the simple happiness it evokes. It has the same soothing effect on me as Rothko inspires in most. I have a feeling it’s precisely the type of bourgeois picture some of my other favorite artists would hate, but I almost feel as if I’m transcending to a higher plane whenever I look at this (and the Symbolists all roll over in their graves).

lepine the pont neuf

Stanislas-Victor-Édouard Lépine  {The Pont Neuf, Paris} c.1875-1879

(image via The Norton Simon Foundation)


A beautiful painting deserves a beautiful palette, which is why I pulled out Guerlain Place Vendôme for this look. I’m wearing an arrangement of three shadows here, with shade 1 on the inner half of the lid, shade 2 in the crease, and shade 5 on the outer corner. Finished off with the usual winged liner and mascara, of course.


I truly believe this palette is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of versatility and quality. See how the colors melt seamlessly into each other, and create a sort of glistening veil effect over the lids? Tell me where I can find a formula like this at the drugstore, and I will just shake my head at you. I’m in love.

How do you feel about Impressionism? Would you like to see more Art History inspired posts on the site? Tell me what you’re up to this weekend.



40 thoughts on “Art History Inspired | The Pont Neuf EOTD

  1. digging the neutral color scheme of the painting! i like most impressionism, too. definitely a great inspiration for your eye makeup, which I love 🙂 maybe i’ll try out some blueish eyeshadow someday…

    • I think you should! Experiment with color, you might be pleasantly surprised. I actually used to think I hated blue/would never wear it on my eyes up until last year when I actually gave it a try. Now I’m obsessed.

  2. Ah…love it of course!!! Impressionism is my favorite time period in AH and I will verbally chastise anyone who says otherwise haha. This is a gorgeous look MM, and I think you should totally do an Art History inspired post every once in a while! As a fellow art history major/masters person, I don’t even know…I would love to see it. I am thinking about starting some as well. we should collaborate sometime. Now, go sleep!

    • Yay, that’s awesome! I really don’t have a favorite time period, I mean I have my personal tastes just like everyone else, but in the context of Art History I value every period equally. The only thing I cannot get on board with is that stupidly large rock at LACMA. Don’t even get me started on that.

      Anyways, thanks for your feedback. And I would definitely love to see some of these from you as well! LOL I’m actually about to go work out. Then food then sleep!

  3. I love the painting too! I don’t know much about art history or art in general, I just knows what I likes and I likes it! 😛 I love when you do these posts because Trakee LEARNS about art. DO MORE. TEACH ME. 🙂
    LOVE the look! Totally can see the painting as your inspiration. And I want one of those Guerlain palettes REALLY badly. But I can never choose!

    • It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? ahahah I should rename this series to ‘Trakee learns about art!’ I rather like the ring of that 😛 PLACE VENDOME GET PLACE VENDOME, trust me it’s the best one.

  4. I love this look!!! I’ve read good thing about this Place Vendome and have been itching to get it, but I think I have enough e/s to last me 3 lifetimes >.<
    Either way, I love how you put the eye makeup together. I'm gonna have to try it one day

    • It’s on another level compared to the powder eyeshadows I’d been using previously (and yes, I also have enough e/s to last me 3 lifetimes hahaha, I think it’s just a beauty blogger thing), highly recommended. And thank you! It’s such a flattering color combo, you should definitely give it a try too 😀

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve walked across that bridge. The river Seine is kind of magical, just because of the city it runs through. Sigh, Paris.

    I think you captured the essence of the painting beautifully, MM! 😉

  6. Place Vendôme is perfect for ALL looks. The neutrals are wearable and the bright pop of blue just makes this palette stand out *salivates*

    I think your EOTD could use more yellow or is it khaki? The painting is full of that colour.

    • I’ve been surprised at how many different looks I’ve been able to create with this, plus it works so well with the rest of my collection. Ah yes, I thought about incorporating more of that khaki tone but didn’t want to overpower the look. Maybe I’ll add some to the lower lashline next time.

  7. I’d love to see more Art History inspired posts and looks! This is one is so beautiful and perfectly captures the colours and mood of the painting. And that’s a gorgeous painting indeed. I love the Impressionists too.

  8. Yes, Impressionism for the win! It’s my favorite branch of art! I think Louvre is overwhelming, but I really love Musee d’Orsay because it houses so many Impressionism pieces!

    Love your interpretation of the painting! I don’t think Place Vendôme would be my go-to palette, but it looks great on you! Incredible dimension and depth!

    • Ah, you’ve been? I’m insanely jealous haha, would really love to visit both of those. And thank you! I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how often I find myself reaching for this.

  9. Love it! I am utterly unsophisticated when it comes to art, so I love impressionism 😉 What can I say, I like things that are pretty. Like this eye look! And that palette!

    • I find it so interesting how a lot of people see Impressionism as accessible because it’s easy on the eyes, but it was actually quite revolutionary for its time. And then you get to postmodern stuff, and you’re like I can’t believe this used to be seen as revolutionary hahaha.

  10. Wow, I’m really impressed at how your EOTD matches the shades in the painting (which is so beautiful! Impressionism is one of my fave eras in art history) and they come from such a gorgeous palette. How fitting and elegant!

  11. Impressionism is definitely one of my favorite art movements/eras ever! (Although Monet is kind of an ‘eh’ to me tbqh.) Degas is my favorite artist ever (since fifth grade actually). Though it seems he didn’t consider himself an impressionist, but well museums put him in those galleries anyway, so let’s pretend! We’re heading toward impressionism in my art history class right now. We just finished Rococo/Neoclassical and are on early 19th century art right now! I’m excited!

    Your FOTD definitely did the painting justice. The colors, eeee! 😀

    • Really? I love Monet haha, the things he does with form and light in his paintings of Rouen Cathedral are amazing. Degas is definitely up there too, I did not know (or don’t remember, both are highly possible LOL) that he didn’t consider himself an Impressionist. Although I seem to remember that ‘Impressionist’ was a term generated by a critic who was basically like wtf is this hahaha, so not even something coined by the artists who were associated with the movement.

      Thanks Maggie! Exciting times ahead for you in AHIS 😛

  12. I only have two thoughts here: 1) You are smarter than me. 2) It makes my heart happy that you love this palette so much, it was so worth the purchase. Good on ya, MM.

    • 1) I’m really not! I’m not fooling myself into thinking I’m smarter than anyone haha, I just happen to obsessively absorb Art History knowledge. and 2) It warms my heart also 😀

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