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The Morsels Report | Coming Up


It’s the start of another week, and I’m already excited for Friday. Here’s a quick look at what’s going on behind the scenes at Maison MM, while I do my best not to fail all my finals.


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

Remember those blue liners I mentioned? Well, I finally took them out of their boxes so they could be properly loved. And they are gorgeous. More on these soon.


Speaking of blues, here’s an EOTD featuring a recent eyeshadow purchase. My blue addiction is getting a little out of hand, but that’s just what happens when you spend your whole life avoiding a color only to discover how much you actually love it. When I stopped by the MAC counter over spring break (first mistake), I ended up sidling over to the row of blue pans (second mistake), and proceeded to fall in love with Tilt at first swatch. I ended up going home with yet another blue eyeshadow. I don’t know how these things happen.


Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

Additional pretties from Urban Decay. These are the Moondust Eyeshadows I previewed here, and they are even more sparkly in person than they look online. I’ve worn them to parties (and to class, but that’s another story), and can confirm they are definitely not for the faint of heart.


ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes

Finally, a few new shades of Creamy Eyes from ELLIS FAAS. Any guesses as to which ones they are? For now, I’ll just say they’re my favorite to date.

Which makeup products have been in your rotation lately? Any new acquisitions to share?

Full Disclosure: The Urban Decay and ELLIS FAAS Products were provided by PR for editorial consideration and review. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

20 thoughts on “The Morsels Report | Coming Up

  1. You will not fail your finals, you will ace them, I have faith in MM! All of the above are so pretty it hurts and I am soo glad you have fallen in love with blue. It looks stunning on you!

  2. “My blue addiction is getting a little out of hand, but that’s just what happens when you spend your whole life avoiding a color only to discover how much you actually love it.”

    You’re right on track. That’s exactly what happened to me during winter and now I have… a lot of blue shadows. @___@ But them on and ace those finals! You can do it! \o/

  3. Ooh the shadow! I hear you about the color! Avoided it all f my life, clothing, etc. I still don’t love it in clothing but now I’m discovering bright Lippies and touches on the eyes, it madness! haha

    • Yes, bright lippies are fabulous! Especially around this time of year. I do like color in my clothes, but in moderation. Love your neutral wardrobe though, from what I’ve seen it works very well for you.

  4. OK, I hope I don’t go through that stage… I have brand obsession. Once I like something from one brand, I’d want to try everything from that brand. That’s why I try NOT to purchase anything from LMdB, RBR, Hourglass, Suqqu, Tom Ford… you know, those pricey ones. Hate to know what happens when I really love something. That’d be the start of my financial doom!

    • I am praying I don’t give in to brand obsession because of course I’d go for the high end ones not drugstore, right? Right now, I’m really loving Guerlain, Chanel, and Dior, but trying my utmost not to purchase any more makeup until I get home for summer at least!

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