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Instamorsels is a genius phrase coined by my girl Tomi of Tiger Lily Makeup, and I really couldn’t think of a more appropriate title for this post. Also, I am too tired to think of a title for this post. It’s that summer break mentality setting in early. I, like every other freshman on campus, am so done with school (unless you wish finals and papers could go on forever? I mean, that’s cool too). But I’m still in school. It’s kind of a problem.

To avoid the typos and errors galore sure to ensue if I attempt a full-blown review, here are a few things from the past week, including snapshots from my Instagram:

1. Spirit Animals

This one isn’t a snapshot, but I was watching this video of a baby duck (baby wigeon, maybe?), and I swear it is me in animal form. The frequent nodding off, the valiant attempt at head shaking, and then of course there is the ending. I have officially found my spirit animal. One more thing to cross of that list of short-term life goals.

2. Sushi

Broadly speaking, sushi is my favorite food in the world. In fact, the summer I interned in Taipei, I ate so much salmon sashimi at this one restaurant that I walked in two years later and the hostess was all oh hey, salmon sashimi right?

I got these crispy rice circles with spicy tuna & avocado over the weekend, and they were a) $7 for 3 pieces are you kidding? and b) not even good. The rice was so crispy it was almost impossible to bite, and the soy glaze was so overpowering I could barely taste the other ingredients. Only a couple more weeks before I can go home and have some real sushi…


3. Shopping

I am crazy over these badass ballerinas from ZARA. I must have picked them up and put them down a hundred times in-store, probably to the annoyance of the people I was with at the time. Oops. But they are so cute, non? And there’s a coral version, which is even prettier than it looks online. Do I get the fun and splashy coral or the practical and pretty black pair? Do I get both? Do I get any at all?! I don’t even like flats! But they’re only $40. But $40 is like a lot of salmon sashimi.

Guys, I don’t know. Help.

zara flats

image via ZARA

4. The Candle Craze Never Ends…


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with fig fragrances, and at $16, this is by far the most affordable rendition of fig on my wishlist. Actually, if you know of a decent fig candle that costs less, please let me know in the comments. This one’s perfect, light and clean on the initial sniff, with the barest hint of vanilla. Then you get the sharp green and the milky sweetness of the fig, coupled with the warmth from the vanilla, which thank god is barely detectable. As soon as I finish burning something from my overflowing candle drawer, this shall be mine.

What have you been up to this week? Should I get the flats? What are some of your favorite candles?


15 thoughts on “Instamorsels

  1. Uh MM, now I NEED THOSE FLATS TOO! In CORAL!!! I remember getting a pair of flats from Zara, and to be honest they weren’t that comfortable at all so I kind of gave up on them. Still, I’d love to hunt these down and try them on just to see!

    Not a fan of fig here, sorry! I love it on other people, but on me it always has a way of going ALL KINDS of wrong! Now that winter is over I’m not so obsessed with candles anymore. I still have the Comfort Candle from Aromatherapy Associates. I love rose when it’s done right!

    • They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m having so much trouble deciding between the colors LOL. But yeah, they definitely aren’t the most comfortable things to wear and I hate wearing flats to begin with (but they’re pretty, so…).

      Fig seems to be such a weird fragrance with people! I’ve heard a lot of people say they like it but it just goes wonky on their skin. And mmm rose, sounds yummy.

  2. Get the coral. I find that colorful shoes are always okay, unless you’re wearing some whackass outfit. And even then. Shrug. They’re shoes.

    Also, sushi. I feel you. I’m always up for sushi. I don’t know what is going to happen when it’s time to have kids and I can’t have any for forever.

    • I actually do prefer the coral combo, it looks even more stunning in person than it does online. But honestly, I feel like I’d get more mileage out of the black pair, because the only time I wear flats is during formal situations/to work. Ahhh sushi, I can’t wait to go home and eat my way through all the sushi in the world. Especially salmon nigiri. Yum.

  3. Suuushi!!! I love it so much. There was this awesome sushi restaurant where I used to live. (It’s still there, but I am not) and it had some of the best sushi ever. Like this Crispy Crunchy Tuna (or salmon) Roll. It was a typical makisushi roll with tuna and such, but then deep fried. Ugh…so good.

  4. OMG THOSE FLATS. You need to buy those, in both colors, YES. I will be able to hit up a Zara’s soon I think (I think? Ottawa better have an effing Zara or else) and I *HOPE* these are still there to try on because YOW. ZA. I might even cave and just buy them online. THANKS, enabler.

    Also – SUSHI! I love sushi so much too, but I don’t eat it a lot because, hello I buy a lot of makeup and have very little money for food. Dammit.

    And now I want sushi.

    • HAHAHA in both colors, I always love your advice 😛 They’re pretty, huh? Sorry, couldn’t help it LOL. Yeah, I wish it wasn’t so expensive, I miss being able to eat it on the daily because it was so cheap in Taipei.

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