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Double Dutch

delft blue

Today, I bring you this Delft Blue makeup look that popped up in my inbox a week ago, as a tribute to the inauguration of the Netherlands’ new King and Queen. Yup, I’m all about that timely coverage…

Still, I thought I would share because it’s such a stunning work of art, created by the talented Ellis Faas herself. And here is the little snippet that accompanied the look:

Holland is the country of colour:
Blue water and green fields
Infinite shades of tulips and other flowers
Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Appel and De Kooning

Well they certainly got my attention with that last line. At first, I wanted to create a look inspired by one of the artists mentioned. But then I though really hard about what the makeup version of De Kooning’s Woman series would look like, and got a bit dizzy just trying to envision it. So instead, let’s take this opportunity to examine some of my favorite blue-themed posts while I slowly chip away at my stack of papers-to-write:

1. To kick things off, some lovely shades of blue from ELLIS FAAS, I simply can’t get enough of their Creamy Eyes.

2. A guest post I did for the lovely Karen of MBB back in the day. It’s still one of my favorite blue-themed makeup looks.

3. A Bronzino-inspired manicure in rich shades of blue.

4. That one time I tried to design my own t-shirt using cyanotype, complete with a mildly awkward pose. There’s a reason this isn’t a style blog.

5. Finally, a new addition to my closet. Surprisingly good quality for a $20 dress, and still available here aand now it’s sold out.


What are some of your favorite blue things? Would you attempt to recreate that look? I’m thinking a similar pattern would look gorgeous on the nails…


18 thoughts on “Double Dutch

  1. Whoaaa I love the look you did for the guest post! You can get A LOT of blue and white stuff in the Netherlands. We have a mug from there that emulates the style!

    Blue isn’t really my thing. I’ve learnt to wear it and realized I don’t look TOTALLY horrible with blue. However, it’s just not something I like as much as say khaki, green, and purple 😉

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