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ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E125 Khaki Green | Review & Swatches



Eventually I will take a new pictures of this pen. Maybe.

I’m so excited about today’s review that I got a little overzealous with the pictures. Translation: instead of turning my head slowly from left to right and snapping three photos of my eye makeup (like a sane person), I turned my head veryyy slowly from left to right and took about 200 photos. And whereas I had originally planned to review all three shades together (again, like a sane person), it turns out I have way too much to say to fit all three pens into one post. Initially, I was convinced the shade I’m reviewing today would be my favorite, but upon further inspection, they’re equally gorgeous and I can’t pick a favorite. It’s like telling one of your children he is your favorite. Not nice to the other ones. So let’s just pick one out of the pile and start with ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes in E125 Khaki Green.

I’ve reviewed the Creamy Eyes formula and packaging before here, so I’d encourage you to go take a look at that post if you’re unfamiliar with this product. To be brief, these are my favorite cream eyeshadows. To be slightly less brief, they dry to a beautiful finish, last all day without primer, and always manage to make me look polished with minimal effort. They also come in the infamous ELLIS FAAS click pen, which unfortunately is not my favorite delivery system in the world. More on that here.

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes in E125 | Makeup Morsels

E125 is described as a ‘khaki green’ shade on the site, but I’d say it looks more like a cross between that and olive green, pulling both warm and cool depending on the lighting. The heavy swatch shows sparse golden shimmers, but on my eyes it contains no sparkle or shimmer whatsoever. Perhaps my swatch arm has ingested so many eyeshadows that it now spits out sparkles. Sort of like a unicorn that vomits rainbows, except not the same thing at all. I digress…

What constantly amazes me about the ELLIS FAAS cream shadows is that they never look all that interesting on my arm, and yet they morph into magical veils of color on my eyes. I wasn’t too excited about this on the initial swatch, but fell head over heels once I paired it with my usual winged liner and lashes. Personally, I’ve always found that these apply best with a finger in thin layers, so you can build up intensity where desired. I like to go over the entire mobile lid once, and then build up an additional layer or two of color on the outer corner and crease. Once the cream morphs into a velvety powder, it doesn’t budge until I take it off at the end of the day. Below, I’m wearing E125 on my lid (applied with fingers) and lower lashline (applied straight from the applicator brush, although you could certainly use your favorite gel liner brush here). I love being able to achieve this amount of depth with a single shade, and it’s easy to get a smooth gradation from light to dark with a few quick pats of the finger. Note how the color ‘melts’ into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. This is probably the Art History fanatic in me talking, but the finished effect reminds me of Da Vinci’s famous sfumato technique, that smoky application of paint that causes faces and objects to melt seamlessly into the shadows without a harsh line in sight.

Below, we have 5 of the 200 pictures I took. I was going for the Mona Lisa expression in most of these, but something got lost between perception and reality. It’s the daily struggle of life:

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes in E125 | Makeup Morsels

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes in E125 | Makeup Morsels

As I’ve said before, I do have a soft spot for luxury brands. However, I don’t believe expensive products are ever worth it unless they are truly better than what you can get at the drugstore. It says a lot that I am constantly annoyed by the product overflow, and yet still believe ELLIS FAAS has encapsulated the high-end experience perfectly with these eyeshadows. The texture is innovative, the staying power is the best I’ve found, and the shade range is elegant but still interesting. As far as this specific shade goes, I’d say it’s a must-have for neutral and color lovers alike. Well worth the $36, and I can’t wait to show you the other two.

What’s your go-to cream shadow formula? Are you as enamored with E125 as I am?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided free of charge by PR for editorial consideration and review. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclaimer.


21 thoughts on “ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E125 Khaki Green | Review & Swatches

  1. Hey MM, this one is SO hot on you! I’m so interested in swatching it, as my skin tone seems to pull more khaki out of shades than most (and I like that). I might be able to use it as an all-over wash as well, though I’ll most probably add something shimmery to the inner half. Matte shades simply do not brighten my eyes as much there!

    • Thanks Sunny! I’m in love with it. And I’d be interested to see how it looks on you! I have a theory that their products look good on everyone, so perhaps you can help me put it to the test LOL 😛

  2. I was not so convinced when I first saw the swatches, either, but damn it if it doesn’t look amazing on your eyes! And your comments about the texture of the formula has convinced me that I NEED to try something from this brand, already!

  3. That’s such a pretty shade. I didn’t like it at first when I saw the swatch, but it looks great on you! And the texture sounds wonderful too.

  4. Pretty! My favorite part of this post, however, is the trademark MM wit––the sparkle vomit made me laugh out loud 😉 All your ravings about Ellis Faas has definitely made it a brand on my consciousness; I just need to have an occasion to splurge!

  5. Unicorns that vomit rainbows. HAHAHAHA! You crack me up 🙂
    I laughed so hard I forgot about what you were saying about the eyeshadow! I haven’t tried Ellis Faas before, and the clickety mechanism is the reason I’m hesitating. That said, this colour looks gorgeous on your eyes. Definitely something I’d wear 🙂

  6. haha, mona lisa expressions! glad I am not the only one who takes a lot of pictures and in the end only is posting two or three. I like moss greens a lot. this colour looks like a good choice for those dreamy makeup looks, even though I tend to pick rather pinks or soft shades. I like how sheer it can be applied and still has enought colour pay off xxx

    • Oh, rest assured you are not the only one hahaha. I’m pretty sure it’s a beauty blogger thing in general. But man, sometimes I’ll take 200 pictures, edit 50, and then only post 5. And then I make this face >.<

      They do have pinks as well, and this beautiful peach shade I need to get around to reviewing. That one might be more your speed!

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