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Bona Clara


Images may have been shot with my iPhone because yes, somehow I am still unpacking. And yes, there is the slightest possibility I am still trying to find my photo equipment. No, that doesn’t mean I misplaced any of it, stop arching your eyebrows at me!

I never realized how much time I spend eating. And cooking. And eating some more. That is, until I suddenly lost the ability to chew solids and suddenly found myself with 8 extra hours a day. So now I’m taking that time and channeling it into constructive pursuits, like telling you all about this intriguing skincare company called Bona Clara.

Ok fine, I’ve actually been doing this, because as I tried to explain to a friend yesterday, when I’m hungry I tend to shop. He thinks I’m crazy. But I think you guys will understand, right?

If you’ve managed to stick around for awhile despite all my awkward segues and off-topic ramblings, you may remember this interview with Jasmina Aganovic, where we chatted about toners and age-based skincare (and I stayed on topic the whole time, miraculously). She has now taken that same philosophy of creating a different skincare line for each stage of life, and applied it to her second venture, Bona Clara.

Bona Clara is kind of like Stella & Dot (their brilliant analogy, not mine unfortunately), but with skincare. What does this mean? Basically, their products are sold through their community of Brand Reps. They also offers the option of buying straight from their website, which is great for those who prefer to shop online. Their skincare range is split up by age, with a separate line for women in their  20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s+. While I’m not always on board with this age-based approach to skincare, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a guide. Another plus: all of Bona Clara’s products are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, phthalates, fragrances and synthetic dyes.


I’ve taken a quick browse on their website, and they have products ranging from makeup removers to suncreen. However, the age-specific core of each line contains the following: a cleanser, scrub, serum, toner and a treatment cream. I received an adorable little sample box in the mail with minis of their 20s line, which I will be tucking into my travel bag when I hop aboard a plane this weekend. It takes about a month for your skin to react to new product, so it would be rather pointless of me to give full reviews on travel-sized skincare. But don’t worry, I’ll update you guys with my first impressions once I’m back. Stay tuned!

What do you guys think of age-based skincare?

P.S. There will be glitter tomorrow. Lots of it.

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided free of charge for editorial consideration and review. For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.


8 thoughts on “Bona Clara

    • I did try the 20s toner from her previous line and like it a lot, but for the most part I use whatever skincare works best for me. Got a baby moisturizer and an anti-aging eye cream in my arsenal, so it comes down to the quality of product in the end, I think.

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