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ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E129 Peachy Skin | Review & Swatches

press-sample-discaimer ellis faas new creamy eyes

With my time in NYC flying by, I’ve been trying to spend more time outside (outside meaning in front of gelato counters and at the doors of boutiques, of course) than in front of the computer. While I choose some more photos to share with you, I think it’s high time we returned to beauty content. And picking up right where I left off in last week’s review, here’s the second shade of my new ELLIS FAAS trio, E129 Peachy Skin.

When I first chose this color, I thought it would make a fantastic base. After all, I already count the Creamy Eyes formula as my top pick for cream shadows, so it was really just a question of which one would best complement my skintone (which, as I’m sure you all know, is irrelevant when it comes to this range. Everything looks good on everyone. It’s like magic). That was before I saw this in person, though, and realized it would be even better worn alone. It’s one of those sneaky shades that works wonders in the lid-brightening department, instantly making you look ten times more awake with just a couple of swipes and a few pats of the finger. Some days I’ll apply this all over the mobile lid and into the crease, and some days I’ll get really into it and apply all the way up to the browbone.


It’s a true peach, meaning it strikes a good balance between pink and yellow tones. The result is that it appears neither too warm nor too cool on my eyelids, which seems to be a pattern with ELLIS FAAS’ cream colors. The finish, though, is what makes it really special. While I was expecting a flat finish, I realized once I swatched it that it had too much of a glow to be a true cream or matte. There’s nothing so brazen as a full shimmer in this, but there’s a definite sheen there, still visible when I apply it on my lids. You can just barely make it out in the swatches above, but trust me when I say that it only serves to heighten the brightening properties of this eyeshadow. It’s brilliant because you can walk around being all, “Oh, you mean your eyelids don’t magically glow like the inside of a seashell? Well, that’s weird…mine do.”

I’m so going to get punched in the face one of these days.

Here I am wearing a coat of E129 and nothing else:



And below we have a couple of low-res shots from my iPhone, but I think they capture that sheen fairly well. Even if the one on the left makes me look unusually red. Like a lobstah! But a very glowy lobstah who has just discovered the mystical powers of ELLIS FAAS.

(going to stop now before I awkward turtle right over the edge of a cliff)

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes retail at $36 per click-pen tube.

Peach not your color? Check out my other reviews of the ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes range below:

What’s your favorite eye-brightening shade? Have you tried Creamy Eyes?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration and review. All opinions are my own. For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.

First image courtesy of ELLIS FAAS.


18 thoughts on “ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E129 Peachy Skin | Review & Swatches

    • They are so awesome! Even though I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who calls them that LOL. And eek I know, still not over your ELLIS FAAS aversion? Maybe you’ll come around someday…

  1. HAHAHA! You’re SO gonna get punched if you go around saying that 😛 It would be funny to see their reaction though. This colour is gorgeous! Very natural, but there’s still something there. Definitely great for daily wear.

  2. The glowiness — I seez it I seez it! It’s pretty. 😀
    Hahahaha I wouldn’t punch you for that, I would be like, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS SIFU MORSELS!!!!

  3. …and now I want to own this shade ASAP. Do they have a darker shade with the same magical inner shell qualities? Damn you Ellis Faas! And damn you MM for always making Ellis Faas sound like the best brand out there (which it just may be)!

    • I think everyone should own this shade ASAP! Hmm let me see, you might try E108 Desert Beige or E126 Warm Brown. Haven’t swatched either one in person though, so I’m not too sure.

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