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ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E124 Teal | Review & Swatches



The pen is back!

When one area of my life is gradually spiraling out of control, I attempt to balance it out by reining in the other ones. For example, I’m still living out of boxes right now because the thought of unpacking makes my head spin. I mean, couldn’t I feasibly leave everything where it is and save myself so much work when I move into an apartment at the end of the summer? That’s how I’m justifying it in my head right now, as I trip over piles of clothes every night and spend hours rooting through clutter trying to locate that one green pen I swear I packed away with my notebooks. Which is all to say, this is why I’m wrapping up the ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes reviews today. See? Totally making that mess of a living situation better by updating my blog and waxing eloquent about makeup. It all works out in my head.

If I had to pick a least favorite out of my recently acquired trio of ELLIS FAAS pens, it would probably be this one. As you are about to read though, I still think it’s absolutely smashing. If you’re a new reader, this should at least tip you off about my feelings toward the Creamy Eyes line. I love them. Yes, the price ($36 per tube, let’s just get that out of the way now) borders on ridiculous, but who needs food and clothes, really? And yes, I’ve had my fair share of time yelling at inanimate objects when faced with the infamous click pens. Yet in the end, I still rate these highest when it comes to cream eyeshadows. Think about that for a moment, if you will.

Today’s feature is E124 Teal. It’s a very wearable rendition of the shade, not as bright as you might think but still appropriately colorful. The intensity is about halfway between E118 Light Blue and E113 Navy Blue, but…you know, more teal. I’m utterly unhelpful, aren’t I? You’re welcome.


As I’ve mentioned before, these don’t translate very well to arm swatches. In fact, looking at this, I’d be hard pressed to consider putting it on my eyes. But the texture of these just translates so well to the lids. They’re always just sheer enough so that you can see the texture of skin barely peeking through, like a veil of color sinking into the skin. And yet they’re never patchy and although they’re most definitely a liquid-cream type product, they don’t crease. As in no primer required, even on the most stubborn of eyelids.


A quick crash course in application for those who are new to this product: use your fingers, not the applicator brush. A little goes a long way, so pat on thin layers of color until you get your desired consistency. Go back over the areas you want to darken, and you’ll be amazed at how seamlessly you can create depth and dimension with a single shade. Alternately, you can whip out your favorite liner brush and go to town on your upper or lower lashline.

Like the previously reviewed E129 Peachy Skin, this shade contains the barest hint of shimmer, although it is probably more shimmer than I’ve found in any of my other Creamy Eyes pens. On the eyes, you can just barely make it out as a slight glow in certain areas. The color of the shimmer is noticeably brighter than the cream base, which has a more subdued tone. Gorgeous color, although I’d have to say that my favorite blue from the line remains the pale, grey-toned E118.



What have you been up to this week? What’s your favorite shade cream shadow formula? Which do you hate more, packing or unpacking?

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Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration and review. All opinions are my own. For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.


27 thoughts on “ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes E124 Teal | Review & Swatches

  1. Love this shade. So truly unique and it looks even better on your eyes. I hate unpacking, so I would probably just leave things in boxes as well. It is such a pain!

    • hahaha I guess I kind of hate packing too because I always put it off until the last possible moment. Didn’t actually start putting things in boxes for college until the day before I had to leave. Needless to say I forgot at least half the stuff I meant to bring but I survived. And yes, it is indeed time 🙂

    • Nope, didn’t bring any eyeshadow to NY because I packed the night before I left and just tossed in an eyeliner and mascara LOL. Classic me. But you should definitely swatch in store if you ever get the chance again.

  2. Hey MM, it’s nice to see more of your face! You’re goooorgeous!

    I think I dislike unpacking more too, to be honest. Going through packing and traveling is bad, and having to unpack after that makes it worse! I hope you’ll soon pluck up enough courage to do it though 🙂

    • *blushing* thanks lovely! Packing is not quite as bad because I can throw everything into a case without worrying about where it goes, but can’t exactly do that when unpacking can I? Still haven’t touched the boxes LOL.

  3. I like this shade! Your Ellis Faas posts are delightful.

    I am currently in the middle of moving to another continent, and I definitely hate packing more than unpacking. Unpacking is like Christmas!

  4. I saw that I got to see more of your face and I pretty much PUNCHED through the screen to get to this post LOL Looking good, my dear! You executed this shade perfectly. I really like it, this is my kinda teal. I do want to try more Faas, but not sure when I’ll cave. As for cream eyeshadows, my experience with them is so limited I’m not sure I could call a ‘fave’ yet…must try more!

    • LOL picturing you punching through the screen right now, and I’m just so tickled. Thanks, Toya! And you should definitely check out the Creamy Eyes range, you liked the lippie you got from them right? I’m not mis-remembering that to suit my ELLIS FAAS loving ways am I? hahaha

    • It’s so easy to get addicted! And thank you, although I think it’s more a testament to this shade than to my skills. All I did was apply it over the lid and add liner hahaha.

  5. unpacking sucks lol. that requires having organized space to put things back in, and if you left it unorganized it is just a nightmare. See i am this horrible person who is organized and not at the same time – if it is organized, then it must be perfect, if it is not, then it is just strewn everywhere in giant piles. LOL!

  6. I went to use my version of this shade in their old milky eyes formula last night and the pen was broken 😦 I’d cleaned it last time I used it when I received it late last year, but somehow the pen was blocked and the whole brush part came apart from the main pen! So sad. I’ve saved the pigment so I can still use it, though, because it’s such a stunning colour.

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