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Yuko Deep Conditioning Treatment | Results & Review



If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this collage I so artfully put together last week. I will forever be a proponent of lazy haircare, so when the people at Yuko told me about their new Deep Conditioning Treatment, I was like yes, let’s do this. And while I did have to sit in LA traffic for ages (there’s nothing like it, truly), the thought of having magical hair for a few weeks after just one appointment—plus some Eminem and Obie Trice to keep me company—made the drive much more bearable.

I’ve visited Yuko’s Beverly Hills salon once before (parts I and II), which you’re welcome to read about if you’d like to see how much more facepalm-inducing my blogging used to be compared to its current levels of face-palmery. The prior review also includes pictures of the salon, which specializes in hair treatments ranging from Japanese Hair Straightening to less permanent options.


Everyone say hi to Hiroko!

The lovely Hiroko did my hair on this visit, beginning with the standard shampoo. I actually started dozing off in the chair at one point, which rarely happens; I tend to get the stylists who feel compelled to gouge out my scalp with their nails while sadistically asking does this feel good?? Umm, are you going to leave my head intact if I say no?

The treatment itself is fairly straightforward. Yuko instructors pat the hair dry, spray it with Kokoro G water and then began sectioning it. The Deep Conditioning Treatment, which has a conditioner-like consistency and smells deliciously of apples and clean laundry, is then applied to the hair part by part. It’s left in for 10 minutes to process, then rinsed off. The hair is once again towel-dried and sprayed down with Kokoro G, followed by Nano Through to protect it from heat damage. After a quick blow-dry, it’s sectioned one last time for a run-through with the flat iron. Start to finish, it took around 90 minutes.

The final result is silky-smooth, tangle-free hair for 10 washes. If you shampoo every other day like I do, it should last you a good 3 weeks. I’m lucky to have well-behaved hair to begin with, but it’s been so long since I’ve had a trim that the ends are in a sorry state. Since hair is composed of dead cells, a treatment like this is hardly a permanent fix, but it does make things easier. Here’s what it looked like on the first day, a few hours post-conditioning:


While part of the process involves flat ironing the hair, it’s meant to tame your tresses, not make them any straighter than they already are. By day 2, I lost that pin-straight sleekness imparted by the iron and regained my natural texture (but nicer, yay):


On day 3, I was bored and spontaneously decided to give myself blunt bangs.


I’ve now washed my hair twice since the deep conditioning (8 washes to go!), and am happy to report it’s retained its incredible softness. Even my dad, who notices these things approximately never, has mentioned it looks shinier than usual. I’ve been using a combination of Yuko’s Cleansing Shampoo and Kokoro G Treatment—the latter applied from mid-shaft to ends—to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Treatments at Yuko require a prior consultation to work out the specifics, although this one will work on any hair type. Cost varies depending on length and texture, but Hiroko estimated mine to be around $70-80, plus tip. It’s long-lasting enough to be worthwhile though, and makes the hair smooth and glossy without altering its natural texture. There’s no doubt that it’s more of a luxury than a necessity, but I am in love with the results.

Have you ever gone for a deep conditioning treatment? Or *gasp* cut your own hair on impulse like I did?

Full Disclosure: The service and products featured in this post were provided free of charge by PR for editorial consideration and review. For more information on my review policy, please see my disclaimer.

28 thoughts on “Yuko Deep Conditioning Treatment | Results & Review

  1. Your hair looks totally gorgeous!! I am pretty sold, since I live relatively close to that salon (despite the gross LA traffic I so agree with you about). I hate fussing with my hair, but mine is a lot shorter than yours, so I think it would be fairly reasonable. I spend a lot of haircuts anyway so this is like nothing. Hair is so important although I hardly act like it haha. Okay, anyway, seriously it looks great!!!

    • Thanks Margo! You should definitely go in for a consultation if you’re interested, I’m loving the results. Only wish they lasted even longer but 10 washes is already pretty good hahaha

    • Yes that is true, responsibility at its finest! And thanks, I haven’t had bangs since middle school but the stylist who cut them made them WAY too thin so they were just a giant pain in the ass. Decided to take matters into my own hands this time.

  2. Your hair is incredibly shiny! And the bangs! Love them. I have absolutely cut my hair compulsively. I can also say I have also bleached it and dyed it black on a whim, which wasn’t as bad as my badly planned pixie – not a good idea for curly hair girls. The treatment sounds excellent!

    • Thanks Taylor! The bangs take some fussing to look presentable, but it was time for a change. And I never knew you had a pixie cut before! Short hair takes so much upkeep, but I bet it looked good with your bone structure at least.

  3. Although I can’t see your full face, you look adorable with bangs. 🙂 I’ve cut my own bangs before but came out looking like a beauty school reject…haha!

    Love what I’ve read about this treatment (and your hair looks superb) but I don’t have well behaved hair and the 10 wash timeline might be a bit shorter than I’d prefer at that price point. Hmmmm….

    • Thanks darling! Oh and don’t worry, there’s a reason I’m not showing my full face. My bangs definitely look better at the very edges hahaha. Mm yes, it would be great if they could do something similar with even longer staying power. Fingers crossed!

  4. O.M.G. MM I think that is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing your full face and WOW–you are sooo stunning, girl! Why on EARTH would you hide a face like that?!! 😛 And yeah, your hair is pretty fabulous too. Dang, me wants….EVERYTHING!! 😛

  5. Well, I get extremely tweezer happy? I once tweezed a whole chunk of LASHES (yes you read that right, lashes!!!) and that section went bald for months until my sister intervened hahaha

    Ooooh deep conditioning treatments sound like a marvelous treat!

  6. Oh, so pretty! Posts like this make me wish my hair were long and straight, but then I remember how much shampoo and conditioner it would take, and how annoying it is to accidentally eat my hair while I sleep (this happens to other people, right?) and I schedule a haircut, ha 😉

  7. Your hair. IS. MAGICAL! Damn gurrrrrrrl. Prettiest hair of life!!!

    This treatment sounds great. Since I do next to nothing with my hair, stuff this like is gold! But I admit…when I was young, I tried to trim my bangs…………………………………… Let me point out here in case you didn’t pick up on it, that I HAD BANGS. WITH MY CURLY HAIR. It was NOT good. Clearly my mother hated me. Anyway, I tried to trim them once with a round brush and it got stuck. YES. I know you’re giggling right now and I forgive you.

    The horrors of youth.

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