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RAMY Rose Lip Oil | Review


You know what I always wonder? Had I not originally given in to the charms of lip balm, would I still need them now? I ask because I actually know people—as in not friends-of-friends—who are perfectly fine without balms because they’ve never given a thought to lipcare before. On the other hand, if I didn’t need lipbalm, I would have one less friend fun thing to play with.

When RAMY’s Rose Lip Oil landed on my porch last month, the first thing I noticed was the motto running across the cardboard packaging: “Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact.” It happens to fall exactly in line with my motto, except mine would probably be more like zero effort, ALL THE IMPACT. We were off to a good start.

RAMY formulates their balms with jojoba and almond oils, which I was pleased to see are fairly high up on the ingredients list. They come in a sturdy, .35 fl oz glass tube with a plastic screw-on cap. The rollerball applicator is a new addition; previous versions featured a glass dropper, cute but certainly not as practical. There’s a mint and orange version as well, but I had to go for the rose-scented one, which smells deliciously floral and a little bit jammy. The oil itself is on the thin side, spreading quickly across the lip with a few back-and-forth swipes. Because of its thin consistency, it sinks in very quickly, almost too quickly for my tastes. While I prefer my balms to stick around for awhile, I will note that the effects of this oil last longer than its physical presence. Even after it has fully absorbed, my lips still feel smooth for an additional 3 hours. It also makes a surprisingly good base for lipstick, plumping out the lips (sans tingling effect) and smoothing out lines. It’s not heavy-duty enough to work as an overnight treatment for me, but I like to apply it in the morning and touch up throughout the day.


RAMY Lip Oils retail at $18 per tube. The rose rendition, while lovely, doesn’t hit all my requirements for an HG balm. It’s a solid showing and a nice addition to my beauty bag though, so give it a look if you dislike the feel of balm on your lips, or are in the market for a lightweight lip oil. If you need something heavy-duty, I’d give it a pass.

Which lipbalms are you currently loving?


Like rose lipbalms? Check out my review of the cult classic, Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was provided free of charge by PR for editorial consideration and review. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclaimer.


26 thoughts on “RAMY Rose Lip Oil | Review

  1. Oh heeey a lip oil! Sounds amazing! I almost never need heavy-duty stuff during daytime, so this should do just fine! I think Aesop has something like this too, but I’m still in love with the Rosehip Seed Lip Balm! I probably need to use it up soon and replace it though, since I’ve had it for maybe 10 months. *sad kitty face*

    • OH HEYYY. I do have very dry lips, so this should work fine for you if you can get away with a lightweight balm during the day. And I need to try that one! Was going to buy a tube when I was in NYC but then I thought about how many balms I have open at the moment…

    • I’m the same way! There’s something about oil that’s just slightly disconcerting, I like to rub my lips together and be able to feel something. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. Interesting. INTERESTING. Greasy lips kind of creeps me out, though. I mean, I get that it sinks in and just makes lips smooth. But that little bit of time where you have OIL ON YOUR LIPS. T_T

    • I’d check out the Hourglass one too if you’re interested in lip oils! That one’s gotten so many raves, but from what I’ve heard, it has a much thicker formula than this oil does.

  3. I’m one of those who hardly use lip balm. My lips don’t really need it. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I lack sleep and when I’m dehydrated, I will apply lip balm. However, I do enjoy the occasional tinted lip balms. Since I used up my Burt’s Bees one, I never thought to buy another one >_<

  4. Sounds absolutely lovely though I’m not sure how I feel about a rollerball lip balm. I don’t really take to rollerball perfume because I think the remaining contents would get contaminated via contact with bacteria on the skin but with lip balms you can’t avoid that unless it comes in a squeeze tube. Love anything with roses too though!! Thanks for reviewing what seems like an intriguing product.

    • That’s definitely true, I’m ok with rollerball perfumes because I figure they contain alcohol, right? haha. With this balm, I definitely only apply to clean lips. If I’m touching up throughout the day, I’ll rinse my lips and wipe with a paper towel before rolling on the oil.

  5. Hmmm, you piqued my curiosity with this, but I am on the fence. The after-effects sound great, but I like to feel something on my lips, otherwise I will probably keep re-applying it for fun, and $18 isn’t cheap when it comes to balms. I am working my way through my Jack Black stash right now so maybe after that.

    • I’m the same way, which is why I prefer something a little heavier like Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I like this a lot with a gloss balm or moisturizing lipstick over the top though.

  6. Oh interesting! The only lip oil I’ve tried is Hourglass’ but it doesn’t have a true oil consistency–more of a glaze, I think. This seems interesting and nice but I always need to feel like I have product on my lips so I don’t think something this thin would be ideal for me.

    Current favorite lip balm? Osmia Organics Honey-Myyrh Lip Repair. DUDE, this stuff is INSANE. I’m so obsessed!!

    • Same, it’s very strange not to feel anything on my lips even if they’re smooth and moisturized! I guess I’m just too used to thicker formulas. As for Osmia Organics, all of my willpower is currently going into pretending I never saw that review…*averts face*

  7. I don’t have any snazzy lip balms or oils at the moment at all 😦 I have the cute EOS balms, which are great for under lipstick, but snazzy they are not. I need one!! I have my eye (just one…the other one is busy doing something else I guess) on Nuxe’s Reve de Miel, which I keep waiting to go on sale but which never does. I need a lip balm library. CLEARLY I AM FAILING AT BEING A BEAUTY BLOGGER.

    • The EOS balms are so cute but I have a feeling they won’t do it for my super-dry lips. I hear such wonderful things about Reve de Miel, but I have one too many balms open at the moment. Need to finish one before I add another wing to my lip balm library!!

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