The Wednesday Wigeon

The Wednesday Wigeon No.79

1. Finds of the week:

  • This is everything, particularly if you adore any or all of the following: Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hobbit, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Martin Freeman. I laugh every time I look at it, and then when I get to Martin Freeman on a pony I just die.
  • Empire Magazine reveals their August cover, entitled “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Umm question, where are the hobbits? Have they been taken to Isenguard? Also, I’m thinking “Less Wise…More Dangerous” was perhaps not the best choice of words. P.S. I’ll still love the movie no matter what.
  • I found this gem from Prada while doing an image search on Men’s Fashion Week, and it’s now my screensaver. I think my favorite thing about the whole picture is that unapologetically tropical luggage tag. It’s sheer brilliance. Never again will someone mistake your bag at the airport as their own.

2. Lately, I’ve been listening to…

Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande, and my holy trinity of rap (Eminem, Yelawolf, and Obie Trice).

3. What’s your top pick from the Fall 2013 beauty collections?

The Chanel Mystère quad (swatched on Cafe Makeup) is my top pick from what I’ve seen so far. It’s such a stunner!

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1. Finds of the week:
2. Lately, I’ve been listening to…
3. What’s your top pick from the Fall 2013 beauty collections?

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19 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wigeon No.79

  1. That first link-HAHAHAHA love it. AND THE ELVES SO MUCH PRETTY. I don’t think I’ve found anything this week that amazing though. ELVES.
    Lately I’ve been listening to The Toy Dolls. Their punk covers like Living La Vida Loca make me laugh haha.
    Fall collections? No clue. I haven’t really seen any except for Chanel’s yet. OH NO WAIT-Shiseido-they have a palette out and I want it!

  2. 1. Finds of the week: Sex
    2. Lately, I’ve been listening to… Ellie Goulding
    3. What’s your top pick from the Fall 2013 beauty collections? Dior cream eyeshadows

    Straight forward answer that might garner some ??!?!?!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

  3. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the elves. Luckily the trailer makes them look pretty bad-ass, but if they’re not…!

    1. Finds of the week: That I love fresh tomatoes. Totally caught me off guard.
    2. Lately, I’ve been listening to… The sound of a fan whirring all day. It’s hot here now.
    3. What’s your top pick from the Fall 2013 beauty collections? The same quad! It’s sooo beautiful! Are you committed to getting it? I want to see it NOW.

    • omg yeah Tauriel’s graceful leap with the bow and arrow! I want to do that too except I’d probably go splat. And yes…I kind of am which is terrible because REALLY do I need another four eyeshadows in my collection? But for now I’ve decided to buy it, unless the SAs at my local Nordstrom are being particularly horrible (it happens more than it should) and I don’t feel like giving someone a commission for being a total nightmare.

  4. 1. Finds of the week: Monsters University was adorable. And so was the animated short before it. A pretty good sequel (or prequel rather) to Monsters Inc. 🙂

    2. Lately, I’ve been listening to… Bruno Mars! His music videos for Treasure, When I Was Your Man, and Locked out of Heaven have been old school perfect.

    3. What’s your top pick from the Fall 2013 beauty collections? I haven’t really paid much attention to beauty collections, but that quad looks lovely!

    Also the Prada pic is just pure perfection.

  5. 1. Finds of the week: homemade hummus! I would eat it morning, noon and night!
    2. Lately I’ve been listening to… the sound of the RAIN!!! Although I like rain it’s getting ridiculous!
    3. My top picks so far, that same Chanel quad, Guerlain blushes that look like lace hence the name La Voilette de Madame and Givenchy l/s and their new compact that’s coming out. Stunning!

    • Yum! I want to try Smitten’s hummus recipe sometime this summer, just haven’t mustered the willpower to peel all the chickpeas by hand haha. And goodness, rain? It’s over a hundred degrees where I am!

      I’ve seen the Guerlain blush and it’s a beauty. This is why I love fall makeup so much, especially after spring and summer 🙂

  6. I like the leftmost man’s layered shirts!! Haha! I wish you could do a hair post but nobody will be able to appreciate your adorable bangs without the glam face. Oh well, keep up the mystique, hehe I still get to enjoy le faece for myself! Also I love the rotating article feature banner thing. I know it’s probably been here for awhile and I’m just behind but your site looks very great and profesh. And at the same time you still use the og widgeon. 100% approve of everything here ma man ma man.

    • There’s a shot in my Yuko Deep Conditioning review! And I pretty much just leave my hair alone LOL, very lazy when it comes to styling. And thank you, thought it was time for a redesign! But the wigeon & I are down for the ride.

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