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Blog Updates & The Weekend Beauty Scoop

As of tomorrow morning, I will no longer be able to go on pretending that Google Reader will stick around forever. To give it a proper farewell, I found the saddest song I could think of in the moment—clearly I had other things on my mind, but let’s not debate how much more tragic my choice of music could have been. Listen to it while you update your subscriptions to Makeup Morsels via Feedly or Bloglovin.


To cap off a wonderfully relaxing weekend (mine consisted of sleeping in and taking multiple naps), here’s the latest in beauty launches from Urban Decay:


Anti-Aging Eye Primer Potion | $24

Just when I thought the Primer Potion family couldn’t possibly get any larger, they’ve added a new addition. This one touts anti-aging benefits along with the usual 24 hour, crease-free claim (I still use the original every day, so I can attest to its shadow-grabbing prowess). It comes in the updated squeeze tube for minimal product waste, and promises to diffuse light and blur flaws. As for the shade, it mimics the original with just a little extra pigment to smooth things over. It also promises to fight wrinkles, reduce redness, instantly wake up tired eyes (gimme), fight wrinkles, and create a soft-focus effect.

B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray | $33

And since it’s summer, the brand has also released a new facial mist. It’s the result of a partnership with skincare brand Skindinavia, and contains what they’re calling ‘the first stabilized form of vitamin B6, which absorbs oil, minimizes pores and reduces redness.’ Apparently, this bottle is so amazing that even their CEO is hooked. Additional ingredients include vitamin E and willow bark, plus it’s paraben-free.

I’m a mist minimalist (the Thermal Spring Water from Avené used to be my go-to before I hit my lazy beauty phase. Yes, I really have payed that much for water before, but it’s superwater guys and I swear it makes a difference), but those who enjoy a little more in their facial sprays should take a look at this one.

What’s on your beauty radar lately? Have you switched subscription services yet?



12 thoughts on “Blog Updates & The Weekend Beauty Scoop

  1. I love the Avene Thermal Water Spray too-I can’t live without it either, although this time I decided to try the Vichy one because it was on sale. I hope it’s just as good but I’m scared I wasted my money!
    With that said, I’m quite interested in the Urban Decay one, but $33? Are they KIDDING? ANd that means here in Canada it’ll be about $40. SCREW THAT I’m sticking with the FRENCH WATER. :))

  2. I always really liked the original UDPP but for some reason I can’t seem to pry myself away from my beloved Nars primer. I haven’t used the 2 at the same time so I have no idea how they compare–I just know that the Nars works and I don’t wanna mess with a good thing 😛

  3. Hey MM, I’m with you on the original UDPP! I got curious about NARS last summer so I got a tube, but as soon as it’s done I’ll go back to the tube of UDPP I bought as a backup! I prefer the packaging. It’s just a lot more sanitary!

  4. Hmm Anti Aging primer, not sure I would give it a go. I tried the regular one and it irritated my lids. I may try to get a sample of it to see how it feels but I’m not sure I would buy it. The Prep Spray, at that price I’ll pass. I too love Avène Thermal Water and it’s often on promotion so I’m good. I’m all done with the switch to Bloglovin and as for what’s on my beauty radar, sooo many things! *sigh*

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