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Wave Create (& a discount!) from Ouidad


You know that perfectly texture, wavy hair you get from a day spent at the beach? It’s kind of tousled and a little messy, but somehow makes you appear glamorous—not like you rolled around in your sleep and woke up in a blanket burrito (this is my usual look). It’s also, unfortunately, not the best thing for your hair. Salt is drying, and the added sun and sea breeze don’t exactly help.

Of course, for every problem there is a beauty product workaround. Salt sprays flood (sorry, when have I ever been able to resist?) the market every summer, usually adding a hydrating component to lessen the damaging effects of that magical, volumizing sea salt. But what about beach taffy? Well, it now exists. Ouidad’s newest Wave Create Collection comprises two products: a Sea Spray and a Texture Taffy for the perfect beach-day waves, whether your hair is straight or curly.

From July 1-31, use the code ‘morsels‘ to get 10% off your order total. I don’t make any commission off this, it’s just a fun (well, I think it’s fun. I mean come on, how many times a day do you get to type morsels if you’re not me?) way for you to get a little discount on your purchase. More information on the products below:

Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray | $23

  • An exclusive wave making complex of natural seawater and mineral rich sea salt crystals creates a tousled texture
  • Algae extracts condition and help maintain elasticity; rich in B12 amino acids that deeply nourish
  • Giant kelp seaweed extract includes a high content of vitamins and minerals to nourish curls; adds superior shine
  • Panthenol and Vitamin B5 act as a penetrating moisturizer

Ouidad Wave Create Texture Taffy| $23

  • Marine Complex, high in vitamins and minerals, condition and add softness and shine
  • Giant kelp seaweed extract includes a high content of vitamins and minerals to nourish curls and add shine
  • Algae Extract acts as a moisturizer that leaves hair supple and shiny
  • Milk Thistle extract acts as a botanical extract rich in antioxidants to moisturize

When was your last day at the beach? Do you have a favorite sea spray? (and yes, Mother Nature counts).



8 thoughts on “Wave Create (& a discount!) from Ouidad

  1. I’ve been really liking sea sprays lately. I forget the brand name I was using, but I totally used it all up. That’s a clue of awesomeness. 😉

  2. I have not yet found a Salt Spray I have liked yet. So, I am very curious, if I could find something to make my crazy curly hair look good as is, I’m in. The taffy sounds great too.

  3. Ooooh! Just the kind of hair products I like. I can’t afford it right now from the Ouidad site even with the morsels discount, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it to land in Sephora. I still haven’t cut my hair so it just goes up in that horrible bun almost every day, but it’ll be all about beach waves when it’s finally cut!

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