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Come Find Me…

At the LifestyleMirror beauty section for the next month. New content every day, and I mean a lot of content. You know you want to read it…

It probably goes without saying, but daily posting on the blog is not going to be a thing during July, as much as I would like to bombard you with my ramblings every day. But don’t go away! I’ll be bringing you bi-weekly posts starting next week, so stay tuned for some summer collection goodness (and that New York trip I went on about a hundred years ago…)

In the meantime, take a look at my new beauty content! Some recent highlights:

  • Blogger Mascara Faves…because one can never own too many tubes, am I right? You’ll definitely recognize at least one of these faces, and I was so thrilled to include some of my favorite online voices.
  • White Florals…so you can throw out ‘big white florals’ with complete confidence. Read this, and you’ll be able to name-drop those indie perfumes like a scent pro.
  • Couture Beauty Recap…because we really need to talk about what’s going on with the hair at Jean Paul Gaultier.

That’s all for now, ladies! Now it’s your turn to catch me up.


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