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Ouidad Wave Create | Review

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Are you getting tired of these I’m still alive, I swear! posts? If everything goes according to plan (because we all know by now that everything always goes exactly as I plan, yes? Deviations from my life path do not exist), this should be the last time I have to use that phrase for awhile.

Fall launches have begun surfacing all over the internet lately, but I’m not quite done with summer beauty just yet—it’s the one season where I feel reasonably justified rolling out of bed, swiping some lip balm on (I’m currently obsessed with this one) and calling it my ‘effortlessly undone look.’ But since none of you need me to teach you how to put zero effort into your appearance, I’ll also share this little trick with you: beach waves.

Lately I’ve been using the Wave Create Sea Spray ($23) from Ouidad, which does a magnificent job at pulling waves out of nowhere, all while making my hair smell like coconut and the vaguest hint of tropical fruit. It’s not one of those formulas that will make your ends die upon contact either, mild enough to leave hair looking tousled and soft rather than stiff and crunchy.


My true love, though, is the Texture Taffy ($23), a product so delightful I have to wonder why no one came up with this earlier. It’s a cross between a thick cream and a liquid taffy, like strong-hold wax with a bit of ‘stick’ to it. Used in conjunction with the spray, it helps tease even straight hair into an appropriately beachy style, although you could certainly use either product on its own. It’s got the same light scent as the spray, and is so much fun to play with when you’re 5 years old at heart like I am. Fair warning: it does leave residue on your hands, so it may not be the best option for those on-the-go.


Sometimes the struggle of lifting a DSLR is just too much for me to handle. At least my hair looks good.

Scrunch it through damp hair, let everything air dry, then hit your roots with some dry shampoo. You’re left with the laziest, easiest semblance of a style ever.

If anyone still remembers this blog exists, let’s chat! What have you been up to lately? How do you feel about beach hair? Do you have a favorite sea salt spray?


Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were submitted by PR for editorial consideration and review. For more information on my posting policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

16 thoughts on “Ouidad Wave Create | Review

  1. Hey MM, Ouidad seems to be an up-and-coming brand! I got a bottle of Botanical Boost (spray leave-in conditioner) as a GWP a while ago, but I haven’t got around to trying it yet! I really should though! I’ve tried a salt spray before but it’s pretty drying on my chemically-treated hair, plus I already have a perm so a curl-holing mousse is probably a better alternative for me!

  2. Hey there! Missed ya! Your hair looks flawless. I will keep my eye out for these because my hair is so stick straight that the current ‘wavy’ products I am using only create a beach vibe for like half an hour. Plus I love Ouidad anyway, so yay!

  3. Hello gorgeous! Look at that hair! I have no idea how to do my hair. I have the worst hair days, 364 days a year. Sometimes, when PR sends me some hair stuff, I’m all, what do I do with these? LOL!
    Also, I’m contemplating chopping my hair off because I’ve been exercising more regularly, and shoulder length hair is troublesome >_<

    • Thanks babe! I actually find long hair easier to style than short hair. When you have some extra length, it weighs everything down a little bit and keeps it in place…I think when you get a bob or anything shorter you have to put some product in it every day. Not a good cut for lazy people like me!

  4. Pretty pretty! I have rather curly hair that does not agree with sticky hair products like this (sticky makes it sound so unappealing, but you know what I mean!). But I so wish it did, because damn, girl, your hair looks fab!

  5. I would LOVE it if I could ever make beach waves out of this curly mop!!! That would be the ultimate. Do they have a ‘reverse beach wave’ product, that tones down my curls to get a more subdued wave? Damn…

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