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Organic Obsession | May Lindstrom’s Skincare Line

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It’s not all that often that luxury skincare—particularly all-natural, organic skincare—reflects its price tag when it comes to appearances. But model & momma May Lindstrom‘s well-edited collection is by far the biggest exception I’ve come across recently. The hand-poured, carefully mixed products come packaged in the prettiest Miron glass bottles, stamped with a few lines of gold text and the dandelion logo. I don’t usually put much thought or effort into photographing skincare, but the inky violet bottles caught the light so beautifully I couldn’t resist snapping an extra two (hundred) frames.

Another thing I usually don’t focus on too much is the founder of a brand. But May is so closely involved with her line that it’s impossible to think of them separately. If there is such a thing as the ‘May Lindstrom girl,’ she is the embodiment of it (I know it sounds painfully obvious because hello her name is on the bottle, but simply click through her site and you’ll see what I mean). And if you’ve ordered from her before, you’ll already know the rush of pleasure that comes with opening one of her beribboned boxes, each packed with generous samples and a handwritten note on custom cardstock (I’m dying to know where she gets her stationary).


May’s most popular item is The Clean Dirt ($60), an exfoliant that smells like spice cookies and leaves my skin glowing and unbelievably soft. To apply, I tap a bit into my hand and add a few drops of water, mixing them together for an airy foam with superfine scrubby particles. I’ve heard the potent mixture can sometimes feel hot and tingly on sensitive complexions, but it seems I’ve thrown so much at my skin this summer it no longer feels anything…

For maximum impact, I like to use this twice a week for a light exfoliation session (almost like microderm) that polishes my skin without irritating it. If I had one complaint about this stuff, it would be in the packaging. Gorgeous, yes, but I’m always afraid I’ll tip it a little bit too far and end up frantically scooping powder off the floor. I mean, can you imagine the trauma? I don’t think I’d ever recover from that, which is why I’m always extra careful with the weighty bottle.


While the former product has wedged itself firmly into my essentials list, The Good Stuff ($110) is unquestionably more of a luxury than a must-have. But like the rest of her line, it’s worth the price tag. Dubbed ‘fabric-free lingerie’ by May, it’s one of the most gorgeous body oils I’ve ever used. It smells equal parts sexy and earthy, like a mix of spicy chocolate and heady florals. And then there’s the finish, a swirl of warm shimmer I can never resist mixing with my nightly application of post-shower lotion. While it’s particularly good as a ‘finishing product’ on the legs, it can be applied all over the body (although I have serious difficulties bringing myself to use more than the smallest pump at a time). Let other lightweight oils of its kind, I find it works better as a supplement to my lotion than a standalone moisturizer.


While the products are both generously sized, there’s no denying that they fall firmly into the high-end bracket. I’m not even going to do my usual ‘well if you look at it this way (i.e., with your eyes closed), it’s actually a good deal’ spiel because there’s absolutely nothing about this line that says bargain. But for the luxury lover—or as May puts it, ‘the beauty gourmand’—they’re well worth it. You don’t pay prices like these just to get a good product; you pay them for that extra special experience. And when it comes to the little details transform a skincare routine into a ritual, May Lindstrom knows how to deliver.

Let’s chat! What’s your favorite luxury skincare line? Is your week off to a good start? I just finished settling into my new apartment, and I swear I’m starting to regain some muscle just from walking back and forth with boxes all day long. Ugh, moving.

P.S. Get the scoop on May’s masque, The Problem Solver, over at LifestyleMirror.

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided by May for editorial consideration and review. For more information on my standard review policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

32 thoughts on “Organic Obsession | May Lindstrom’s Skincare Line

  1. I’m going on four days of orientation at Sotheby’s so I’m seriously thinking of rewarding myself with one or both of these. This is soooo my kind of skin care. And to heck with the price, it looks well worth it. Beautiful photos MM, glad you are back 🙂

    • You probably already know this, but I fully endorse your decision. The Good Stuff is such a nice treat, but if you’re only going for one I’d say get The Clean Dirt. Glad to be back 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos! Haven’t tried this brand though… and so far, I’ve been loving my Dior skincare because I do see results! Skincare is so personal, so whatever works is the best. LOL 🙂

  3. Hey MM, such pretty photos! I can see they must be a pain in the * to photograph though (anything reflective is such a nightmare!)! The Good Stuff sounds… good! I’m definitely interested in trying this line out. For the moment my favorite luxury skincare is Omorovicza!

    • These were actually very easy to photograph! The glass is so beautifully smooth, all I had to do was hit it with the light to get those nice clean lines. And ahhh Omorovicza, gotta try that copper peel one day 🙂

  4. I am in love with her line, one of my favorite skin care brands ever. It’s also hard to leave out Problem Solver and Youth Dew, they leave my skin feeling silky soft – literally. I love your pictures 🙂 It’s a nice touch with the pearls and all, and yes, it is a very big investment but my bottles never seem to finish… they last so long. I’m glad you feel the same way about May Lindstrom SKIN though, it is truly a different experience 🙂

    • Yes, those are lovely as well! I used my sample of The Youth Dew once and LOST IT (I suck), but I just tried my little vial of The Problem Solver this week and it is amazing. I seriously can’t wait for her new launch.

  5. These products look absolutely gorgeous and they sound amazing…”fabric free lingerie”?! Wow… I want to try this! The exfoliating powder thingy sounds fascinating as well…I think Dermalogica has a similar product where you mix powder with water and it’s a light exfoliator of sorts with papaya enzymes but the packaging is no where even close to this!

  6. That is definitely a gorgeous packaging! I must admit that the price is on a high side but if it works, I think it’s worth trying. My skincare is mostly from Kiehl’s but this looks good to be tried 🙂

  7. UGH. The packaging is TO DIE FOR. I think that The Clean Dirt would be too much for my skin, but I’m curious about her other products. As you know, I’m definitely a luxury kind of gal, but I have to definitely be 110% on something to shell out the big bucks. You’re definitely tipping May’s line more into my favor, MM!

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