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Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss | Review & Swatches

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One of the great joys of having a blog is that I get to share my ultra-glamorous, super fancy life with all of you. For instance, see below for a sampling of my daily goals from Wednesday (the reason I’m not listing my goals for today should become abundantly clear in a moment):

  1. Make something edible for dinner
  2. Read CNN
  3. Chip away at reading + assignments
  5. Go for a run

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that I encountered obstacles at step 1. For starters, it is simply not possible to make beef stew without beef and mine had the nerve to spoil before I could use it. Thus followed much running to the grocery store and glaring at my already-chopped potatoes and generally spending hours fretting over what was supposed to be an easy weeknight recipe. After crossing #3 off my list, I called it a night—actually, I called it a miracle I even got that far—and went to bed.


Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss in Love Buzz, Heartbeat

So, picking up where I left off on Wednesday, let’s cross #4 off the list and talk about the new glosses that have managed to claim a permanent spot in my makeup bag. As you all know, I tend to gravitate toward lipstick when given the option. After all, one gust of wind coupled with a glossy lip means ending up with the cosmetic equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting all over your face. But that’s not the case with Ilia Beauty‘s latest offering ($24), a gloss so lightweight and moisturizing I can actually skip the balm before applying—something practically unheard of in my routine, but perfectly understandable if you happen to glance at the ingredients list.

The colors themselves wear beautifully on my lips, neither sheer nor patchy, which is a miracle considering the featherweight formula. Although the six shades range in coverage, I happened to get my hands on two of the pigmented offerings. There’s Love Buzz, which is everything I’ve been looking for in a light pink lip (read: not too Barbie) and Heart Beat, a stunner of a red that goes from cherry to cranberry depending on the lighting.



I’ve yet to try anything else from the range, but if the lip gloss is anything to go by, Ilia deserves a spot on your makeup radar immediately. Both shades go on smoothly, strike the right balance between color and shine, and come with slanted doe-foot wands that make application a breeze. Oh, and did I mention? They’re organic, just like the rest of the range.



While I still consider myself a lipstick girl (Lipstick Bandit) through and through, this gloss is in a category of its own. Buy it, wear it, reapply it.

What’s your favorite gloss? Any easy weeknight recipes to share? Let’s chat!

Full disclosure: This post contains press samples. For more information, please refer to my disclaimer.

17 thoughts on “Ilia Beauty Lip Gloss | Review & Swatches

  1. I lIKE them. I’ve wanted to try Ilia but there are so many things and I wasn’t able to find too many reviews in the past, so they went to the bottom of the ever growing list.

  2. Ooo the pink lip gloss looks so pretty and feminine. The bright red looks awesome too. My fave lip gloss has got to be Stila’s lip glazes. Love the brush applicator, the flavours, and the shades they offer. Haven’t met a Stila lip glaze I didn’t like.

    • Yes, I LOVE the pink. It’s so hard to find a good one, but it’s the absolutely perfect shade for me. I haven’t used Stila’s Lip Glazes in forever! Used to have a mini set, it’s probably lost somewhere in my collection back at home…

  3. Love Buzz looks fantastic on you! My favourite lip gloss has to be Dior Addict though… And I’ve been good with my cardio workouts. I’ve been going running twice a week, and to kickboxing class twice a week too.

  4. Concur. Love Buzz is AWESOME! I have been getting really into clean, organic products lately – mostly skincare, but I am starting to eye makeup as well, and Ilia is DEFINITELY on my radar, now even more so 🙂

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