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NYFW Nail Art | Four Ways to Wear White


While some insist the nail art trend is on the decline, I’ll tell you right now that I think it’s one of those things (like ombré) that will never die. And since you all now how much I adore piling on the glitter and stamps and rhinestones galore (minimalism is not in my beauty repertoire), I’m always happy to see another elaborate nail look hit the runway.

Nude nails always make an appearance at the spring shows, but this season there’s a brilliant new intersection between the barely there and the over the top: white and nude nail art. It’s appropriately fresh and restrained without putting me to sleep, and lest you think I’m talking French manicures here (no, no, no), I’m not.

Before we get into the crazy stuff, let’s talk about the nude-meets-white nails at Carolina Herrera, created by Gina Edwards for Morgan Taylor. Edwards applied the lightest coat of milky white (Heaven Sent) on soft-oval nails. It’s a cross between clear coat and nude, brighter and cleaner than the pinky beiges or creamy tans we typically see—and it just makes the nails look healthy.


My favorite nail moment happened at Diego Binetti, where Danielle Candido for Morgan Taylor created an unbelievably cool mesh mani. Ok, so you need to have extremely steady hands to recreate this (although this little trick might work well for a more spaced-out grid), but can we take a moment to admire how good (and wearable for real life) this is? It’s the power of negative space, you guys! While I’m sure this would look equally cool with a matte finish, I do like the accompanying shine (that’s a generous application of Make It Last topcoat).


Candido created two more looks for the Diego Binetti show. There’s the moon mani pictured above (check out that lace accent nail), with a color combo that does a nice job of lengthening the nails. The base color on this one is In The Nude, while the moons were created with All White Now. And for those of you who haven’t done one of these before, I offer this one tip: binder stickers.

Finally, we have these white lace accent nails, dubbed the “lace moon manicure,” using the same shades mentioned above. While this one almost veers into French manicure territory (can you tell I’m not a fan of those?), it’s saved by the placement of the lace tip—nearly halfway down the nail—and the wise decision to balance it out with solid fingertips on the rest of the hand.


What’s your favorite way to wear white? Are you a nail minimalist or an unapologetic nail art lover? Do you have a favorite look here?



14 thoughts on “NYFW Nail Art | Four Ways to Wear White

  1. Love, love, love! I’ve been having a torrid affair with white polish since about early Spring, and all of these looks are something I’d love to try out as well….although I’m fairly certain I would never be able to recreate them as well, lol!

  2. I have definitely found a new love for white polish, but these shots here with all the fake nails kinda icks me out lol… real nails are where it’s at! I guess from afar no one would notice… just me being anal 😛

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