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Ponytail Watch | NYFW Edition


Before I ever got into beauty—because believe it or not, that period actually existed—I naively thought there were two ways you could wear a ponytail: high or low.

I was wrong. Naturally. And while I can now rattle off ten different ways to rock the style, that doesn’t even include the endless iterations of the humble ponytail on display at NYFW. Take the leather-wrapped version above, created by Rita Marmor for Oribe at the Mathieu Mirano show.

“I love the idea of a high ponytail,” Marmor explains, “It creates a beautiful long line when the girls walk.” To get the look, use plenty of Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray and Superfine Hair Spray. The key is to keep it as sleek as possible, so don’t hold back with the blow dryer (and make sure you smooth those flyaways down). And while Marmor used white patent leather to wrap these ponytails, they’d look equally elegant with any pieces of fabric you have lying around.


For something a little more fun, try the sporty ponytails shown at Chromat, executed by Chuck Amos for Oribe. Amos flatironed the ponytails, then disguised the elastics with a small section of hair. Bam! Wrapped ponytail. Prep the hair with plenty of product (Amos used a combination of Oribe Crème for Style, Supershine Moisturizing Cream, and Gel Serum) and make sure you use a good heat protectant before hitting it with the flatiron.


On a decidedly more relaxed note, Ramona Eschbach for Oribe created these low-and-loose ponytails at Ostwald Helgason. “The look kind of reminds me of a schoolgirl,” she says, “It’s something clean and classic with a little twist.”

The key is keeping the hair from looking too perfect—note the soft face-framing pieces up front and the slightly messy texture in the back. If there’s one product you need for this look, it’s Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, a product everyone (and I do mean everyone) has been raving about lately. But if you can’t get your hands on the miracle product, try your favorite dry shampoo instead and rough it up a little with your hands.


Finally, we have this beautifully beachy look at Calla, also by Eschbach. Yes, I’m aware it’s actually a braid, but…just think of it as a side ponytail that happens to be braided (where do I even come up with this stuff?). Keep it tousled and loose, and for a similar cool-girl vibe, weave in a bit of ribbon or bright scarf—Eschbach used neon strings taken from Calla’s fabrics. Once again, pump up the texture with plenty of Oribe Dry and add some sea salt spray if you need a little more (Oribe makes one called Après Beach).

So that’s 4 more styles to add to your arsenal! Which of these is your favorite? Can we all agree that the last one sort of counts as a ponytail? Who here has tried Oribe Dry?


All images courtesy of Oribe Hair Care.


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