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Dolce & Gabbana Passioneyes Collection | The Rundown

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I’m beginning to get beauty calendar whiplash with all the bouncing back and forth between seasons we’ve been doing lately. With Fashion Week heralding spring 2014 trends yet to come and brands sending out their holiday releases, I sometimes forget that in real time, it’s actually fall.

I was pleasantly reminded that we are still living in September when Dolce & Gabbana‘s Passioneyes collection landed in my inbox earlier last week. It’s a beautifully muted take on the season, with lots of understated neutrals and quiet textures—”dusky plum and rose accents,” as they say. And while you know I like to pile on the color like nobody’s business, it’s quite soothing to see this type of color palette among the richer jewel tones out lately.

The star products of the launch are the new Passioneyes Duo Mascaras, offered in the traditional black and brown, as well as a beautiful blue (as longtime readers will know, blue mascara is my not-so-secret obsession). D&G’s Creative Director and all-around makeup genius Pat McGrath says they’re great for “curling lashes with no need of an eyelash curler,” and the wand shape does look suited for lifting the lashes—not that I’ll be saying goodbye to my beloved Shu Uemura curler anytime soon. And if you haven’t seen the campaign yet (shot by Tom Munro), it features Scarlett Johansson sitting on a Mediterranean terrace doing her signature sultry thing.

While the mascaras are the centerpiece of this launch, there’s plenty more to love here, from the chicest nail lacquers to a gloriously pink blush. Check out the slideshow above for the collection details and do let me know which piece you love best. I (being utterly predictable) am all over that blue mascara and those elegant polishes.


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