Need Nettle? KLORANE Says We Do


Sometimes I wonder what my mornings (or life in general) would be like without the invention of dry shampoo. Like the Animal burger from In-n-Out or Obie Trice’s Cheers—quick-dry topcoat and a killer red lipstick, to put this in beauty terms—it simply makes life better. What other product can impart volume, give your hair “hold,” and eliminate the need for daily washes all at once?

If you’re a connoisseur of dry shampoos, KLORANE’s famous oat milk formula has landed in your shopping cart at least once. And if not, you’ve at least heard of it (I fall in the latter camp. What’s the opposite of a connoisseur?). While I’ve heard the original hardly needs tweaking, the brand has just come out with a new version, loaded with…nettle?

Allow me to explain why this is genius: when hair gets oily, it’s often because the scalp is overproducing sebum (natural oils), a problem that can actually be exacerbated by overshampooing. But because nettle extract inhibits the sebum-producing enzyme, it’s able to regulate the production of these oils without stripping the scalp or hitting your skin with harsh ingredients. Brilliant, yes? Apparently the plant has been used over the centuries as a scalp tonic, and even a treatment for acne and eczema. And here I was thinking the only thing it was good for was making magical sweaters in certain fairytales

If you’re looking to get your nettle fix, KLORANE now offers both a dry and regular shampoo ($18 each) to cleanse, refresh, and volumize oily hair. Plus, the shampoo claims to detangle (perfect for this finger-combing blogger) and cut down on the need to wash hair, which means you can totally set your alarms 10 minutes later than usual. Need I even tell you to go buy yours now?


12 thoughts on “Need Nettle? KLORANE Says We Do

  1. I really like this dry shampoo! I like it more than the oatmilk version, but I tried the Rene Furterer one and I think that one is my ultimate HG!

  2. Hahahaha OBIE TRICE!! That’s awesome. I just had an amazing flashback there, thank you my dear 🙂

    I have no use for a dry shampoo as the only time I can brush my hair is when it’s straight (a once a year affair LOL) and it doesn’t really get greasy…but I can appreciate how awesome they would be if my hair were normal! 😛

    • Real name no gimmicks! 😉 Just tried these and they are amazinggg, officially a convert. You’re lucky you don’t need dry shampoo! Although I do thank the low maintenance hair gods for my (mostly) get-up-and-go ‘do.

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