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Spotlight On: Avène Thermal Spring Water

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I’ve done some mildly crazy things in the name of beauty, but there’s one particular habit that always elicits a raised eyebrow from…well, most people I meet. To those who merely flirt with skincare, I have no doubt it sounds downright ridiculous. Do I care? No. Because ever since my mom handed me my first, miniature Avéne Eau Thermale back in middle school (and she wonders how my skincare obsession began, I mean honestly), I’ve bought the chic white bottles more times than I can count—although my latest one was a much-appreciated delivery.

Now I know what you’re thinking if you haven’t tried this for yourself: this is $18. For a can of water. Are you crazy?

While we won’t be addressing the second part of that question today, let’s talk about that price tag. Are there other ingredients in there? you might wonder, Is it sprinkled with unicorn dust? The answer is a simple no; it’s really just water.

Oh, but the water. Trickling down from the Cévennes Mountains, it absorbs precious minerals and trace elements for 50 years before reaching the mouth of the ancient Sainte-Odile spring. It’s French, it’s drawn from thermal springs, and it’s so gentle that you can use it on open or healing wounds (something I had the opportunity to test out many, many times over the course of high school. My ER-visits-due-to-clumsiness record is almost unprecedented). According to the company, it’s the only thermal spring water bottled directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment, meaning the contents won’t be contaminated in any way. The water itself sits at a non-irritating pH of 7.5 and a constant temperature of 75°F, beautifully cooling but never too cold. It’s low in mineral content (translation: it won’t dry out your skin) and rich in softening silica, making it perfect for treating even the most of extreme skin conditions—think eczema or psoriasis.

So how to use this wonder water? I find it works best as an “in-between” step: replenish the moisture that evaporates off the skin post-shower or morning cleanse, then seal it in with a layer of serum or lotion. It’s also great as a light mist atop makeup, for the dewiest blush or undereye concealer imaginable. And if you find yourself nodding off at your desk or struggling to get out of bed, I promise a single spritz of this will wake you up instantly. And you’re not actually going to crawl back under the covers after sacrificing part of your $18 bottle of water, are you? Didn’t think so.

For those hesitant to shell out, Avène also offers 150 mL ($12.50)  and 50 mL ($9) versions. While I have a soft spot for my super-sized spray, the latter is perfect for (gently) throwing into your bag before you head out the door.

Full Disclosure: The bottle pictured in this post is a press sample. But trust me, I’ve amassed piles of the stuff over the years. For more information on my review policy, please refer to my disclaimer.


28 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Avène Thermal Spring Water

  1. I have this, in the mamma-jamma size too!! This is a very timely post because I’m nearing the end of my bottle (which has lasted for quite a while, so the price isn’t SO bad – plus I got it on sale so keep your eyes peeled, people!) and I wasn’t sure if I should repurchase, because hey – it’s water. But you reminding me of it’s benefits has me thinking I’ll probably shell out for another – I do love it particularly for rehydrating the skin after a shower, and it just feels so Dan sooooothing. Here’s to $18 cans o’ water!!

  2. I was recently introduced to mists and fell in love with the first bottle I came across. I thought I’d find cheaper dupes but nope, my skin likes the exxy stuff more hahaha!

    I’ve never thought of spritzing my face with exxy water (the blasphemy!) but I’ll give it a try and let you know how I fared.

  3. Oh I know skin care neophites find this one weird but oh how nice it is! Like you said, a great “in between”. The days I switch between Avène’s and Caudalie Eau de raisin which is a little moisturizing. 🙂

  4. OK I AM a skincare junkie, but this, and the Vichy one, and even the Caudalie one didn’t really do that much for me. Maybe it’s because of the humid weather that my skin doesn’t feel dry, but I do like this when it’s really hot out. It cools me down instantly and tones down the redness.

  5. I love this one and the La Roche Posay (not the Vichy though, that irritated my skin). These are absolute non-negotiables in my skin care routine. I have sensitive acne prone skin and any time I use thermal water consistently it stays clear, and after a few weeks of skipping it I start breaking out. I use it after my serum and I find that the serum draws the water into my skin and makes it super soft.

    You’re not wrong about the weird looks, though. Any time I’ve told a friend that it cleared my acne and took the redness out of my skin they look at my sideways. I’ve tried going without it a few times in the last 3 years and anytime I have within about a month I start breaking out again. This stuff is truly amazing!

    • So funny that different brands of water have different effects! Avène was my gateway French pharmacy brand so I’m rather partial to it. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s obsessed 🙂

  6. HELLO, you have convinced me! The second I am able to plunk down $20 for a can of water, I will definitely do so for the Avene. (I’ve been testing their Cleanance line and it’s OMG AMAZE. Best zit zapper ever!)

  7. haha i would totally crawl back under the covers for the shock to my face. i like to sleep you see, and i will always crawl back into bed if i feel cold or uncomfortable, and spritzing sprays at my face freaks me out for some reason. (I don’t think i like water around my eyes/nose, cause i can’t swim, and somehow spritzing my face is related? LOL)

  8. Hahah – I have it, but I don’t actually use it regularly; just sometimes to dampen a foundation brush before buffing in, or when it’s really hot. I will probably get back to it once I finish my current toner!

  9. I love this stuff! I also use it on my bikini line after shaving, and I’ve stopped getting razor burn! It’s magic for sensitive skin.

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