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Victoria’s Secret Ignites the Night

full disclosure press sample disclaimer Victoria's Secret Night Review

In my search for the perfect scent(s)—because I’ve never been a believer in the one signature scent thing, how boring!—I’ve noticed that certain perfumes tend to garner more compliments than others. Take Victoria’s Secret, for instance. Compliment magnet. They’ve got the pretty-but-not-juvenile warm fruity floral thing down pat. The brand’s latest scent is Night, “a fragrance inspired by the mystery and magic experienced after dark.” My nights (being the sip-tea-while-hugging-pillow affairs that they are) smell nothing like this, but I like to think that if I were a super-glamorous person (say, a VS Angel), they would.

The fragrance opens on a fairly fruity note, but the initial whiff quickly dissipates. Top notes include Luscious Apple, Ocean Water Mist Accord, Jasmine Noir, Sparkling Lemon, Midnight Orchid, and Dark Woods. The heart notes are where it starts to get really good, with accords of Hamptons Beach Flower, Tiger Lily, Black Plum, Valencia Orange, Indigo Iris, Midnight Violet, Angel Flower, and Purple Peony. The dry-down is a blend of Dark Amber, Sandalwood, Velvet Woods, Bourbon Vanilla, Driftwood, Tonka Bean, Velvet Musks, White Patchouli, and Black Raspberry. Happily, I can’t smell any of the black raspberry, which means I’m left with all the warm, yummy amber and musks.

What VS has always managed to do very well is craft warm, sweet fragrances that are neither too warm nor too sweet. While this is marketed as a night-out scent, it makes a completely viable option for a daytime scent, particularly as the weather starts to cool down. It does lean heavier than some of the brand’s other fragrances, but remains highly wearable—true to their olfactory aesthetic. What you essentially have here is a day-to-night perfume that starts fruity, mellows out with florals, then grounds itself in a rather delicious dry-down.

The VS Night collection also includes a Fragrance Mist ($25) and Fragrance Lotion ($20). The Eau de Parfum comes in 1.7 oz ($55) and 3.4 oz ($64) versions.

Full Disclosure: Press samples of the product featured in this post were provided for editorial consideration. For more information on my review policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

6 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Ignites the Night

  1. I think one of the things that turn me off VS non-lingerie products was that I always found it to look a bit gaudy for my taste. I made the assumption that the fragrances would also smell that way too – but after reading your review I’ll have to give them a more open-minded look, MM!

    • I’m not a big fan of their lingerie actually hahhaa. Their yoga pants and leggings are awesome though, especially when they go on sale! For hardcore fragrance peeps I don’t think these are particularly interesting, but they’re always very pretty and easy to wear everyday.

      P.S. Swear I will reply to your email soon oh god…..

  2. Oh this is interesting. Lovely review you wrote here. I’m not sure if we still have a VS boutique in my area. I may have a look this week, if not for their fragrances for their pj’s well actually, do they have pj’s? 😀

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