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The Cricket Company’s Genius Blowdryer

full disclosure press sample disclaimer Cricket Company Friction Free Travel Hairdryer Review via Makeup Morsels

Cricket Friction-Free Travel Dryer, folded up.

As you all know and are doubtless sick of hearing, I really don’t pay much attention to my hair. Actually, given that it’s pre-finals crunch time, I haven’t been paying attention to much of anything right now—think bare-faced, wearing leggings in public, and noshing on Ziploc-bagged food all throughout lecture without the slightest hint of shame (p.s. if you sit next to me and give me enough side-eye, I’ll usually share). For most of the year, my usual routine of air-drying fits right into this sorry-excuse-for-a-beauty-writer lifestyle. However, this much I do know: in the winter, walking outside with wet hair is not good for you. Even I, the styling idiot, am aware of this—but if you need more proof, people who actually know things about hair agree on this point.

So my secret weapon for this dilemna is the littlest, lightest hairdryer known to man—one that’s actually within a college student’s budget. I’ll be honest, I’ve got my eye on that pros-approved Harry Josh Blowdryer that everyone seems to be raving about, but $250 for a hair appliance (no matter how fabulous) is just not happening right now. I have to eat, you guys! Food is an important part of my life.

Cricket Company Friction Free Travel Hairdryer Review via Makeup Morsels

Cricket Friction-Free Travel Dryer, unfolded.

The Friction Free Travel Dryer from Cricket Company will set you back a mere $37, and it’s so light that even post-party-you will have no trouble fully drying your hair. For added convenience, it folds neatly in half. The 1600 watts of power are plenty to get the job done, and true to its travel-centric purpose, it has worldwide dual voltage.

Cons? Since it’s small, it heats up quickly, so be careful not to touch the diffuser after you’re done. There are two heat settings (high, low) and no cool-air setting, but I’m hardly doing salon blowouts with this thing. Overall, it’s a complete lifesaver come winter and affordable to boot. Pick up one for your suitcase if you like to travel—or for the occasional blow-dry if you hate lifting heavy things and/or have zero storage space. I’m filing this one under the rare “heat appliances I’d rebuy.”

Cricket Company Friction Free Travel Hairdryer Review via Makeup Morsels

Shoddy iPhone photo of the Cricket Friction-Free Travel Dryer next to Peanut Frodo for scale. I don’t think I fully understand the concept of scale.

Do you air-dry or blow-dry? Are you ever guilty of wearing leggings in public?


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20 thoughts on “The Cricket Company’s Genius Blowdryer

  1. I agree with the going out with wet hair = BAD thing, so this looks great! I am actually in the market for a portable blowdryer for upcoming travels and this looks perfect!

  2. Hey MM, I pretty much HAVE to blow-dry my hair, because otherwise it just looks very weird! I bought one from Remington last year, and it’s been working well for me!

    • I actually used to have another hairdryer (don’t remember the brand) but I stopped using it because holding up a full-size blowdryer for 15 minutes….arms can’t handle. I know, I’m a wimp.

      Glad you found one that works for you!

  3. I love hearing about your college life. I went to a college, and not a university, so I didn’t experience a lot of what you’re going through. Just a tad bit envious over here.

    Also, blow dryer. 😛

  4. LOL MM. NO LEGGINGS IN PUBLIC. Unless you’re wearing them under a dress or something. T_T

    I’ll sit next to you in class. I used to eat pb&j in lecture, LOL.

    And this seems reasonable and small enough not to take up lots of storage space, even at home! I like that a lot.

  5. They don’t seem to make compact like they used to! This one sounds super nice. The one I have is a no brand pro model that was purchased for me in a barber shop. Surprisingly light and super effective which I need for my super thick frizzy hair if I want to be presentable! 🙂

    • Right? Like did you even GUESS at his myriad uses when you first breathed life into him, my genius friend?

      Best present ever, if I haven’t said so already. And yeah, hotel dryers are a disaster waiting to happen.

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