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How to Get Soft, Shiny Hair

full disclosure press sample disclaimerHow to Get Soft & Shiny Hair via Makeup Morsels

I should probably have my amateur photography license revoked for this.

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is that they are always evolving. You can start off as a product review & food blog and later realize you know approximately zilch about food and also like to toss in some non-review beauty writing every once in awhile.

Of course, this is all hypothetical.

Longtime readers, remember when I did that haircare non-routine last year? Yeah, that’s literally what the post was called. A non-routine, because as is often the case, I secretly had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, I’ve picked up a few tricks since then—and so today I’m going to give you some actual advice on how to get hair like mine. I still stand by my original admission that part of it is probably just good genes (go ahead and hate me if you must), but here are a few extra things I do that can easily be applied to your current routine. And no, I’m not going to waste your time with the obvious ones: minimal heat, going a day in between washes, investing in a dry shampoo, trimming your split ends if you have them, etc…

1. Cold water rinses.

I know this sounds like the height of insanity—particularly because it’s December—but Liv Tyler told ITG she does it religiously, and she can sell me on just about anything. Just to make sure I wasn’t about to tell you all to catch colds for no good reason, I checked in with celeb stylist Christophe Saluzzo (find him on Twitter here!), who assured me I was doing things right. In his words, it’s “totally true,” so there you go. Turn that water temp to cold and repeat this mantra through the teeth-chattering: shiny hair shiny hair shiny hair.

2. Wash your brush.

So I finally bought a hairbrush (can’t do bangs without ’em), and ok I’ll admit it beats the finger comb. This particular tip comes courtesy of The Beauty Department, which is a goldmine of information I hope you’re already reading. A clean brush makes a huge difference, particularly if you go a day or more in between washes and have bangs. I may be lax about washing my makeup brushes, but the hair brush is another story. And if you use TBD’s method (it involves blow-drying the brush), it takes next to no time at all.

3. MM-Approved Product.

I like the keep my hair routine as pared-down as possible, so I tend to use only one or two products at a time. For something to even make it into this rotation, though, it’s gotta be good. For volume, I’m a big fan of Drybar‘s Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo (also makes for a great clarifying wash) and Klorane‘s Oat Milk Dry Shampoo. When my ends need a little extra love, I turn to one of the following: Phyto 7 (no-frills moisturizer), Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (I’ve heard the shimmery Or version is particularly divine on hair, but you’ll have to test that one out yourselves), coconut oil (you can get any old kind from your grocery store, please do not buy the ridiculously marked up versions no matter how nice the packaging is), and Rodin by Recine Olio Lusso (you’ll be glad you saved on the coconut oil when you look at this price tag). That’s it! Super short list, super lovely results.

What are your best haircare tips & tricks? Does anyone else do the cold rinse thing?

Full disclosure: This post features press samples submitted for editorial consideration at one point or another. For more information on my posting policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

12 thoughts on “How to Get Soft, Shiny Hair

  1. I do nothing special for my hair except use Caudalie Huile Divine to fight static (nylon winter coats & scarves) on the ends during the day. I too was blessed by the hair fairy. Cold rinse, I just can’t do it in winter. You do know I live Montreal don’t you? 😦

  2. I so can’t rinse hair in cold water in winter. Just can’t. But I often wash my hair brush. It makes a great difference, I agree.

    I also don’t really do anything special to my hair. I just shampoo and condition and that’s it. I’m too lazy to do more lol. Although I don’t perm or dye my hair or anything, so it doesn’t need much care.

  3. Ooh, I have the gold Huile––I’ve always feared it would weigh my (fine, curly) hair down, but now I feel inspired to give it a go. Also, I know cold water rinsing is great for your hair, but I absolutely refuse to put myself through that. You are a stronger woman than me, MM!

    • Try it! I think if you concentrate it toward the ends you should be fine, let me know how it goes. Re: cold water rinsing, no idea how I’m still managing to keep that up. The things I do for beauty…

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