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Holiday Gift Guide | The Prettiest Candles

Christmas is exactly one week away, which means…you still have an entire weekend to take care of those shopping lists (glass half-full, people). We’ve already talked about men’s fragrances, so this week I’m bringing you a gift guide full of my absolute favorite thing to gift and to get.

Controversial opinion alert (kidding, kidding), but I’m just going to throw it out there that it’s impossible to go wrong with a luxury candle. Fun fact: I used to love making candles from beeswax when I was a kid, which was kind of like making a non-edible fruit roll-up and then plastering green and red wax bits down the sides to create the world’s ugliest holly. I’ve since graduated to the slightly chicer versions you can buy in-store, and I’ve never seen anyone turn their nose up at a prettily wrapped Voluspa tin or gorgeous Diptyque jar. This is probably because it’s rude to turn your nose up at any gift, but even so, it’s a present I imagine even the most seasoned beauty lover would be thrilled to receive. My top picks for the season, in order of delightfully affordable to outrageously luxurious, are as follows:

1. Voluspa Muscari:adore Voluspa candles, and the tins always seem so much expensive than their $16 price tag would suggest. I like everything I’ve sniffed from the brand (that goes for the rest of the candles on this list too), but my top pick would have to be Muscari. They call it a “clean, creamy floral with earthy nuances,” (what does that even mean?), but I just think it smells devastatingly pretty.

2. Diptyque Noisetier: Diptyque is always the most popular choice as high-end candles go, and their glass jars make fabulous brush holders or vases when you’re done with the wax. For the holidays, nothing is more fitting than their new(ish) Noisetier candle, inspired by the humble hazelnut tree.

3. Cire Trudon Manon*: Now we start getting to the stuff that makes Diptyque look like a reasonable bargain (gulp). Enter Cire Trudon, my favorite candle purveyor of all time. They’ve been around since the 1600s—and yes, their previous (wayyy previous) clients include Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. One of my most prized possessions is their Manon candle, and as much as I tend to cringe at ad copy, you simply must read this: As happy as a lark, this delicious scent of cupboard and of swilled down tile floors, recall the washing days of George Sand’s heroes and the Parisian laundry maids. Between stacks of embroidered linen sheets on a lady’s festooned bed, lavender and orange diffuse a smell of lightness and neatness. Manon has the ability to transform any space into the most elegant hotel room, and I promise you cannot go wrong with anything from this line.

4. Annick Goutal Noël: If you really feel like splashing out, the Annick Goutal Noël Candle is my ultimate pick. Their holiday scent is the polar opposite of every pine tree car freshener you’ve ever smelled in your life. It’s like the most expensive Christmas tree you’ve ever come across, standing in some snowy wood where the air is sharp with the smell of cold air and citrus. This is the 5 wick limited edition version (hence the price tag), and it’s basically every candle lover’s dream. Utterly gorgeous. I dream of receiving one under the tree someday (but I suppose that dream requires that I get a tree in the first place, ugh dream crushed).

Do you ever gift candles? Which ones are your favorites?


Full Disclosure: Cire Trudon Manon is a press sample from my previous job. For more information on my posting policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

20 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide | The Prettiest Candles

  1. AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH you have cire trudon!! dying!!!

    ok i am moderately alive again to tell you i want that diptyque one and never get around to trying any voluspa even though there is some orange or berry scented one i liked i think lol

  2. A friend of mine told me about Noisetier, and I think I have to re-visit again. I think the tester is too aired out and I don’t get any intensity out of it at all. But my friend says this is “the one” and now, you too? I’m marching back to Diptyque to buy this time.

  3. I’m getting to be a fan of Voluspa. I just purchased 2 for the holidays and lit them up last night, love! Too lazy to get up now for which fragrance but they came in black glass and I think I’ll get two more over the weekend. 🙂

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