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Something Shiny | Gucci Guilty pour Femme

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Perhaps it’s because I’ve had The Hobbit on my mind lately, but my initial reaction to the new Gucci Guilty promo? “It began with the forging of the great rings…” Tell me you see it too.

I’ve never been one to shy away from sparkle and shine during the holidays (Merry Christmas, if you celebrate!), so this mirrored flacon is right up my alley. The bottle is just as pretty in person, adorned with 24k gold accents. Guilty is honestly worth it for the case alone—fingerprint-prone (had to resort to this trick for the photos), but it’s just. So. Shiny.

Lest you think I love it for the packaging alone, the EDT inside is equally appealing. I say “appealing” because it’s that type of easily wearable scent that transitions so well from day to night. Gucci bills it as a sheer floriental, and I’d put the emphasis on sheer. To my nose, it’s more warm floral than floriental, more playful than serious. And it works, given that the fragrance house is targeting the “young, audacious, discerning” wearer. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t necessarily need her daily scent to write an olfactory novel (I avoid the term signature scent because that would imply I only need one perfume in my life, pffffft), but simply wants to smell delicious and a little bit sexy.


Guilty starts on a brief fruity note (mandarin and pink pepper, although I smell quite a lot of the peach listed under the heart notes) before morphing into a delicate floral heart (lilac and geranium). The dry-down is a warm mix of amber and patchouli. I love a good amber, but personally find many of the classics overpowering. This one is smooth and light, equally at home on a t-shirt as I imagine it would be on an evening gown (not that I ever wear those…or even own one). It’s a nice example of the fragrance family I tend to collect, a warm floral that’s neither too spicy nor too sweet.


The 50 ml/1.6 oz version I have here retails at $75. The EDT also comes in 30 ml ($55) and 75 ml ($95) versions, all wrapped in the same gold casing. I imagine they would make a spectacular post-holiday gift to yourself (what? Those exist) or a new scent for the new year.

Have you tried Gucci Guilty? Can we discuss the LOTR vibe going on in the promo? Which scents have you been wearing lately?

Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions, particularly the rambling ones, are my own. For more information on my review policy, please refer to my disclaimer.

9 thoughts on “Something Shiny | Gucci Guilty pour Femme

  1. LOL!!! I just watched The Hobbit 2 and this post came in timely 🙂 I have samples of Guilty, and I prefer to wear it at night when it’s cooler. Agree that it isn’t too strong, spicy or sweet, but wearing it in the day with the heat and humidity does make it a little heavier. I’ve been wearing more of Dior Addict Eau Fraiche lately, because I like its floral freshness. It’s light, breezy and fun!

  2. Hmmm…interesting! This is an elegant and classy perfume. Kinda curious on its scent. I hope i can get samples of it first before buying the whole bottle.

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