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In The Garden of Eden

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Greetings, my long-lost friends. I know, I know, where have I been? To be honest, I have no idea whatsoever…one of those floating about in limbo while mistakenly believing I was walking purposefully along solid ground. Because you know, I could have sworn I posted just yesterday, but that definitely didn’t happen. Time. What is it anyway?

So onto the Goe (short for Garden of Eden, get it?) Oil pictured above—it’s one of the beautifully scented oil blends that have become so popular over the past couple years that every skincare company is now scrambling to do one (lest you think I’m complaining of oil overload,  I would never. Bring them on!). Jao Brand’s version is actually something I haven’t seen before: a solid oil “balm” that liquifies upon touch. I first saw this on Garance Doré, where I was instantly sucked in by the promise of smelling delicious and flowery with just a few dabs. Funnily enough, I was decidedly unimpressed when I first sniffed this in the pot, but as soon as you warm it up on skin it transforms. And then yes, you will smell both delicious and flowery—and also like you didn’t even have to try; you just effortlessly radiate tiaré flower-smell from your pores.

The full-size version ($44) comes in a handy squeeze tube; I have a teeny sample size tub that I’ve been using as sparingly as possible. Just as with any other oil blend, you can smooth this one over face, hair, and body. Jao also makes a host of other all-natural products, most of which I admittedly haven’t gotten around to trying yet (Beard Scent, anyone?)—but I can tell you their Lip Jao smells like wholesome orange creamsicles and hydrates like a dream.

Have you tried a solid oil before? What’s your favorite oil blend?

Full Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided for editorial consideration, either by PR or directly from the manufacturer. All opinions are my own. Additional information on my review policy can be found under my disclaimer page.

14 thoughts on “In The Garden of Eden

  1. Oooooh I am SO Googling these now! I always really like using regular monoi oil on the pulse points and sometimes ends of my hair for a super subtle hint of tiare fragrance on lazy days but I do obviously wish for a more fragranced version sometimes. Wonder if this is it!

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