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Ellis Faas Gets It Bright with Hot Lips

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Ellis Faas, please never change your outer packaging so I can use this photo until the end of time kthx.

Show of hands: how many of you ever look at your Drafts folder? I try not to, which is why I only noticed today that I had written most of this post already—when exactly I have no idea, but at least I’ve now whittled down my list of unpublished posts to 37. LOL progress.

In the 4.5 years that I’ve been running this blog, I’ve professed my love for niche brand Ellis Faas over and over and over again. They just do it right: the textures, the pigmentation, the flawless finishes. And since the three pens I last received no longer do that product-explosion thing (although I daresay I’m still hoping for a wand someday), I feel completely justified in telling you that you must save up all your pennies (which is a lot of pennies, I know) for their latest lip launch.

Ellis Faas built her brand on the concept of human colors, and so many of her original products were shades found within the human body. By now, I’m sure most of the makeup-loving world knows that this company can do wearable exceedingly well. And yet, I’ve found that they do brights and glitters even better sometimes—just take their liquid shimmer Light pens as the ultimate example. So I had high expectations for these $35 Hot Lips (mostly because I always have high expectations for Ellis Faas), and oh my god.

I think I’ll just let the swatches speak for themselves:


left to right: Ellis Faas Hot Lips in L403 (Bright Fuchsia), L404 (Fluo Pink), L405 (Bright Coral)

These are one swipe, one light pass across the arm. The great thing about this formula is that it’s incredibly light and long-wearing. I hesitate to call these a liquid lipstick because really, they’re much more like a stain in terms of weight and staying power. Compared to their Creamy Lips and Milky Lips pens, I find these fall on the slightly less hydrating side—after all, you do need a drier formula when it comes to borderline-neon colors like these. That is not to say these are at all drying; they’re a far cry from those matte lipstick that emphasize every microscopic lipline and miniscule patch of dry skin. As long as your lips aren’t too terribly chapped (as mine were from repeated swatching, mind you), these will wear beautifully.


above left to right: Ellis Faas Hot Lips in L403, L404, L405

below: Is it bad that I no longer remember?


Word of warning: these are not the usual demure lipsticks Ellis Faas usually produces, so if you wear these, throw all thoughts of wearing them lightly out the window. That said, there are a few slightly more toned-down Hot Lips shades, and Ellis Faas’ core line is always good for those of you hesitant to branch out into brights just yet.


Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were submitted by PR for editorial consideration. Additional information on my review policy can be found under my disclaimer page.

18 thoughts on “Ellis Faas Gets It Bright with Hot Lips

  1. Yep. These are essentially awesome (as I also expected). LOVE me these brights!

    And no, I rarely look at my drafts and then I’m like ‘WHOA! What a good idea, glad I wrote ~part~ of that down’ lol Better late than never…?? 🙂

    • I JUST remembered when I read this comment, one of the new shades is described as “bright red” and looks much warmer than Ellis Red….something to consider in your search??

      Better late than never is my blogging motto hahahah.

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