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Dolce & Gabbana Bottles Springtime

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There’s only one beauty product I need to feel fully dressed, aaaand…it’s totally invisible. I’m talking about perfume, the be-all and end-all of your olfactory image. I won’t go so far as to say I’d feel naked without it—with my memory span, I’d be walking around naked quite a bit in that case—but nothing finishes an outfit quite like a quick spritz (even if said outfit is leggings and a shirt whisked out of my pajamas drawer). 

As someone who switches out her fragrance as often as most switch out their accessories, I don’t believe in wearing seasonal scents. That said, there are certain perfumes that so elegantly embody a certain time of year that I can’t help but be transported upon first sniff. You must know Dolce & Gabbana‘s Light Blue for instance, one of the most popular, accessible summer scents ever. But Light Blue has nothing on Dolce, the brand’s latest fragrance that so perfectly captures a burst of fresh springtime air. I imagine even those battling a polar vortex could spray this on and temporarily forget about snow and sleet and all things chilly.



Dolce is a blend of neroli leaves and papaya flower, mixed with white florals (waterlily and daffodil) and finished with a barely perceptible trace of musk and blonde woods. There’s also the inclusion of White Amaryllis—a fragrance first captured using something called “headspace technology.” Apparently, it allows the perfumer to take a flower’s scent from the surrounding air, rather than have to cut up and grind the petals to get at the essential oils. Amazing, no?

There’s a sensation of clean to the scent, but has none of the sharp greenery I often associate with fresh florals. It’s sweet too, but not powdery—reminiscent of blooming flowers in air that’s just begun to warm. It settles close to the skin, but wears throughout the better part of the day. And because I always have to throw in an aside on the packaging, the bottle is the perfect vanity-topper and I’m obsessed. Like, so much that I spent almost an hour shooting it… It’s got a vintage vibe that I adore, and the signature is a replica of Domenico Dolce’s father’s signature (whose handwriting even looks this perfect & can I have it??).


And speaking of Domenico Dolce, he shot the print campaign himself. Peep the gorgeous Kate King in action here.

Dolce comes in 1.6 ($90) and 2.5 ($112) fl oz flacons and is currently available online at Saks. I may be way ahead of myself on this one, but it’s my springtime fragrance must-have for the year. Sniff immediately!


Full Disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration. Additional information on my review policy can be found under my disclaimer page.


20 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana Bottles Springtime

  1. I love neroli, so this is up my sniff alley for sure. Will have to look for it! Loving the shmexxxy bottle shots 🙂

    • I think there’s more leaf than neroli in their “neroli leaves” but it does make for a lovely springtime scent. Thank you! Decided to take a break from shooting at night, too much lugging things around.

  2. Polar vortex warrior here… This fragrance sounds sooo nice, love the bottle and your pictures are gorgeous! I hope I’ll be able to sample it soon because I need a whiff of spring! 🙂

  3. This is so pretty! I like that there’s neroli in there to make it more interesting as a floral fragrance. I enjoyed watching the backstage clip of the campaign – I never knew that Domenico Dolce shot his own photos. It’s awesome that the designer behind the brand works so darn hard!!

    • I lovee the bottle, although I will say the neroli is quite light, definitely not a neroli-centric fragrance! This was his first time shooting a print campaign for the brand actually, I’m quite impressed.

  4. I concur that the bottle is divine, MM, and though I’m not a florals person, this sounds like its worth a sniff at least! I would love to have something different than ~vanilla and….~ to use this season, for once! Mixin’ it UP! 😉

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