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Forever 21 Launches Premium Cosmetics Line

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I’m going to be honest here: when the new Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics line crossed my desk, I had my doubts. Yes, the store is my not-at-all-secret go-to when it comes to crop tops and um…some professional wear (grocery bill first, clothes later), and their low free shipping threshold practically demands I go online shopping during exam season a.k.a. now. Their beauty offerings, on the other hand, have never really piqued my interest. And if you’ve ever tried Love & Beauty, Forever 21 Premium’s little sister line, you know what I’m talking about. So the good news, F21 Premium is definitely a step up where quality is concerned.

The range, newly launched this spring, consists of 23 offerings in a variety of shades—72 products total. I know that number sounds high, but for a first-time launch, it means the brand has chosen to focus on a core collection that leans toward everyday options. There are all your basics here: base products, lip stains, gel liners, cream shadows—essentially, everything you would need for a full face. The packaging echoes that same idea of practicality: sleek, clean and functional. 

Out of the 72 brand-new offerings, I’ve been road-testing two lip products and a blush. The Creamy Lipstick in Girl Next Door ($8.80) is my favorite of the trio, a creamy, dusty pink that glides on smoothly and evenly. It has a faint scent slightly reminiscent of Sweet Tarts, and stays on for about three hours before I need to reapply.

The Shimmering Lip Gloss in Adobe Rose ($7.80) is much more flattering on the lips than it is swatched on skin, giving a sort of warm iridescence to my mouth. The scent, however, is a little too strong for my tastes, and you all know how picky I can be when it comes to lipgloss.

Finally, there’s the Classic Blush in Coral Glow ($9.80). The formula itself is finely milled and has the right amount of sheen, but I can’t recommend this shade unless you are very fair of face—on me, it falls somewhere between blush and highlighter, which unfortunately means I can’t wear it as either one of those things.

Forever 21 Premium Cosmetics Review | Makeup Morsels

swatched left to right: Creamy Lipstick in Girl Next Door, Classic Blush in Coral Glow, Shimmering Lipgloss in Adobe Rose

While I do enjoy a good bargain buy, I highly doubt it’s escaped anyone’s notice that I’ve been leaning more toward luxury brands lately. There’s a marked improvement in Forever 21’s new line (always a pleasant surprise), but for me it’s not quite all the way there yet. Additional color options and finishes are two things I hope to see the brand incorporate in the future. For now? Give those lipsticks a try next time you’re shopping around.

Full disclosure: The products in this post were submitted by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. Additional information on my review policy can be found under my disclaimer page.

13 thoughts on “Forever 21 Launches Premium Cosmetics Line

  1. Pretty! But yeah, I don’t think I’ll be buying anytime soon. Sometimes I wonder why they’re even bothering? I mean there’s just so much STUFF already out there if ya know what I mean. Good luck on your exams!

  2. Good luck on exams hun! These are pretty but I have cheaper and more reliable brands if I really need to save money. And btw, you are lucky that you can wear their crop tops, they look ridiculous on me but are sooo cute!

  3. Since there’s a store close to my office I’ll surely see these and might try a lipstick just to see how it compares to my favorite formulas. I’m not much of a fan of F21 for they have sooo much stuff it crazy! Even my daughter is kind of scared to go in. 🙂

  4. Can’t say I’ll be going for this, even if you were more enamoured – I’m an admitted makeup snob – but it’s cool they’ve amped up their game and put out a full line at that. Hopefully they can only improve!

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