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Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder

full disclosure press sample disclaimer Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder via Makeup Morsels

If you’re a regular reader (hello my loves, please accept this a virtual cookie as a token of my thanks), you might remember the look from Dolce&Gabbana‘s SS14 show, pictured above. I’m (sorry to overuse this word, but sometimes it’s necessary) obsessed with this look for many reasons, but mostly because of that flawless, next-level skin. Who doesn’t dream of sporting model complexion, am I right?

Now, if you’ve been sticking with me from the beginning (here, have another cookie), you know that the only powder I regularly wear is Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder (review circa 2010, yikes). It’s $5 and makes my face look nice…what’s not to love? But stay with me, because I’ve just found something better, albeit unquestionably expensive. But for skin that looks obscenely amazing, there really is nothing like Dolce&Gabbana’s new Perfection Veil Pressed Powder ($60). It’s the exact same product makeup maestro Pat McGrath used on the D&G models, wayyy before it graced department store shelves for our purchasing pleasure.

Unlike the brand’s full-coverage powder foundation—which, rumor has it, is just as good—this is a much lighter product designed to impart the barest wisp of color. There are six shades in the line, I have #3 Soft Blush, a translucent rosy-beige that should work for those with fair-lightly tanned skin. It’s finely milled without being powdery and so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing anything at all. The powder touts claims of reducing both dullness and shine while creating a subtly glowing complexion.

Guess what? It delivers on every count. You all know I like my skin to breathe most days, so I’ve been wearing this by itself for a subtly polished face, although I imagine it looks even better over foundation. Since models tend to radiate that covetable glow no matter what they’re wearing—and especially when the legendary McGrath works her magic—here’s what it looks like on bare, non-model skin:

Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder via Makeup Morsels

Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder via Makeup Morsels

What I love most about this powder is how well it reads on film. The first time I wore this was to a friend’s rooftop party where the only lighting came from not-so-forgiving flash. No pictures here, but trust me: this stuff works.

The packaging is classic D&G luxe and comes with a small but serviceable brush—personally, I like to apply with this, but the included applicator is nice for travel. Both are tucked into a velveteen pouch (the brush has its own little compartment, I approve) and the compact has a nice heft to it. Think of this as a setting powder, blurring pore-perfector and subtle illuminator in one. There’s no sheen or shimmer to this formula, but somehow it just brightens up the face beautifully. I like to wear this all over, but McGrath dusted it over the nose and chin at the SS14 show to create a soft-focus, ethereal effect in those areas. Christian McCulloch, D&G’s National Makeup Artist, suggests using the darker shades to contour or the lighter ones to highlight—you get the idea.

This is the first product that’s truly blown me away in awhile (and will now be the benchmark I measure all other powders against), so yes, get yours now. And stay tuned for more news on the products used at the show…

Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder via Makeup Morsels

Do you wear powder? Which one’s your favorite?

Full disclosure: The product featured in this post was submitted by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions & inevitable tangents are my own. Additional information on my review policy can be found under my disclaimer page.

21 thoughts on “Not Your Basic Base: Dolce&Gabbana Perfection Veil Pressed Powder

  1. Your skin is perfection. You are my skin role model. Besides that, I think I need this because I wear Stay Matte as well, and this looks amazing

  2. Ok I DIG this! I am almost out of my little travel size of Hourglass’ Dim Light (from the trio that came out at xmas) and I need another setting powder! I don’t like to wear foundation except for special events, so this appeals to me because it sounds like it perfects and sets and makes my skin look good – what’s not to love? $60 is a lot, but NORMALLY powders last a fair while (I wasn’t impressed to see that I was almost out of the Hourglass a mere 3 months later) so I don’t mind as much. And the packaging? SEX-AY.

    • Whoaa that was fast, everyone seems to love those little pans from Hourglass! This is definitely wayyy less shimmery than those, but I can definitely still see a glow. Let me know what you think if you try 😀 And YES to the sexy packaging, they nail it every time.

  3. Oh gosh! Looks amazing on you! I know I’ll be getting a powder foundation for summer but sadly it won’t be this one. I have to swatch before I buy, I just have to! 😦

  4. Have you used the powders from Hourglass? How do you think they compare? The glow bit sucked me in but it’s a shame (or a boon to my wallet hahaha) that D&G Beauty is not available where I’m at.

    • Do you mean the ambient lighting powders? I don’t own any but I’ve swatched them, those have a definite (albeit quite subtle & fine) shimmer to them which these do not (which is why it’s perfect for dusting all over the face, never looks too overdone).

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